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Just another bland athletic compeition

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 4, 2009

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This is the second edition of the franchise (if you can call it that). This version plays exactly like the previous version, except for a few tweaks here and there - and that's not a good thing.
Because they didn't correct the problems of the first installment.
First problem is the high jump and the pole vault. In order to get gold, you'll have to make dozens of jumps (the pole vault can get rough on your arms). Each jump is the same as the one before, so this sport gets real boring real fast.
The running events consist of nothing more than how fast you can beat your arms up and down.
The diving event still gives me a bad score even when I perfrom a "great" dive.
Good luck with Skeet Shooting - finding the flying target is hard, hitting it is exremely hard.
And the cycling is still unresponsive to the proper commands.
The only events I liked are the archery - and maybe one of the throwing events. That's it.
But the biggest issue here is the game's lack of presentation. You win an event and you get the scoreboard and a cheap looking metal. Even after winning the Berlin World Cup, you just get a simple message on screen. I risked tennis elbow for this?
But I know some of you are saying the multiplayer will be fun. To that I say EVERY mini game compilaition I've played can be played multiplayer. The game makers have to put more innovation and creativity in this game.
World Championship Athletics is just another average mini game compilation in a huge pile of average to awful mini game compilations for the Wii. SKIP IT.

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No Fun At All

posted by johnsrevie (CUPERTINO, CA) Mar 7, 2010

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I rented this game because I was excited by the Winter Olympics, and wanted an Olympics game of some form. When I rented the game, I kind of thought that the controls wouldn't be very good, but I still got the game.

The graphics for this game are actually pretty good. The stadiums are actually constructed pretty well, but the gameplay and the controls are what really stood out.

The controls are HORRIBLE in this game. Basically, all you do is swing your wii remote up and down, up and down, up and down, for about half of the events. The rest of the events, such as archery, are pretty fun, but it's really easy to get great scores in all of them.

I must admit that it's pretty exciting to see your name on the leaderboard after the first round, but after that, the game drops badly. While in the "career mode", you don't even know what event is coming up next, and sometimes they could turn out to be events that you don't even like!

Multiplayer is the only fun thing about this game, not because the game is good, only because it's always fun to see your buddies acting silly in front of the TV. But after playing the multiplayer for about an hour, you'll be done, and want to return this game.

My Advice: Skip this game! There is nothing fun about it, and is basically just shaking the Wii remote around.

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posted by breposey (SPARTANBURG, SC) Aug 6, 2012

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its ok

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