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GF Rating

Very Good

MOHAA meets the NEXT GEN consoles

posted by Freakon (NEWARK, CA) Aug 28, 2009

Member since May 2009

For some reason this game does not remind me of the PC version of Wolfenstein. It reminds me of MOHAA, but with better graphics, everything from the controls to the marker on your hud telling you where to go next.

This game can be fun, but also repetitive, after a few hours you'll find yourself getting tired of the same old stuff. A must rent, not worth the buy. Single player campaign is good, and the multi is decent.

If you liked MOHAA, you'll like this game. Of course MOHAA did not have the paranormal stuff and all.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

The load screens freeze!

posted by Wolfprime (IRVING, TX) Aug 27, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

The game play is great, but I can't finish the game because it keeps freezing on load screens. I've gone to their website and many people have this problem. I think it only happens if you have collected a lot of gold bars, intel, and tomes. So if you just run through the game without gathering a lot of collectibles you should be fine. But otherwise it's unplayable towards the end of the game.

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GF Rating


Campaign is cool, Multiplayer is terrible

posted by theBIGunit (MAYFIELD, KY) Aug 26, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

First, I'll have to say, I played this for like 3 hours yesterday and I got the worst head-ache in the world. My head was pounding. I had to turn my Xbox off and lay down. 4 hours later, I feel better but my eyes/head are still feeling the effects. Enough to say that I really like the campaign, but I won't pick it up just because of how bad it affected me.

The SP is pretty fun I think, I try to go in with no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. I liked some of the cool things, like when you shoot a guy in neck, he bleeds out. pretty authentic. I've only played campaign for 1 day and can easily see how it can get repetitive and boring. Seemed to find myself in the same place a million times in between missions. You have to come back to HQ and meet with leaders and get weapons from blackmarket.

I've almost beaten it and i'll be returning this game tomorrow. I tried the online today and Online Play suxx. Unless you have a european T1 or just love laggy play, don't waste your time. I found myself chatting with lots of other people complaining about the same things I was noticing. I have a 6MB/1MB clean cable connection and couldn't get a decent game in 2 hours, can't say I didn't try. They have some serious play issues, the host's team really gets the benefit of the doubt, like if you're on the opposing side and walk up behind a guy, shoot a clip into him and the guy turns around and 1 shots you, and your whole team is having the same problem. I have a great connection and it's only for gaming, i use my DSL for internet. I know about net and connections, so unless you live on fiber backbone and have an amazing connection or don't mind lag, this game is only gonna take you as far as campaign will go.

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