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Poor MP

posted by blnkcsh (HANOVER TOWNSHIP, PA) Aug 29, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

Short and sweet review...Great game 4 years ago . Story was great and exciting but like most of us the MP is where the fun is at. No distructible elements , laggy , poor selection of weapons, and no vehicles in multipayer. In my opinion i thought it was boring.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A pleasant surprise for a long time fan

posted by y2mckay (MENLO PARK, CA) Aug 29, 2009

Member since Mar 2003

The original Wolfenstein 3D was the game that started it all for me back in the day - the first video game that I found truly addictive (I begged a friend to let me "housesit" for him while he was gone for the weekend, just so I could play it from start to finish on his 486 PC with a whopping 8MB of RAM!)

I've played every iteration of the game that has been released since, and can easily say that this is the most fun to date (although 2001's Return to Castle Wolfenstein was also a solid remake). Obviously, the game has come a long ways graphically in 9 years, but it's a variety of other improvements that make this game stand out from its predecessors.

Wolfenstein introduces more of a "sandbox" based environment, with the city of Isenstadt serving as the central hub of the game. it is an area of several city blocks which can be freely explored for intel items and, most importantly, treasure. However, unlike in the previous games where you collected treasure simply for the joy of it (and to get that perfect level completion), you can now actually use it to purchase weapons upgrades in several black market shops scattered about.

Combat is also quite brutal, with plenty of arterial spray, exploding heads, and flying limbs (mounted machine guns do especially gruesome damage, and flamethrowers leave charred corpses). The combat feels very similar to the Call of Duty games (not a bad thing), only gorier (also not a bad thing).

Missions given to you by characters in the game will lead you to the main levels of the game, which are more of the traditional linear kind. But the main sandbox area adds several hours of exploring and fighting nazis in random encounters. You also have access to high tech energy weapons, and "veil" powers which allow you to find hidden areas and dispatch enemies easier.

I can only speak for the single player campaign, since I did not try the multiplay, but I found Wolfenstein to be a polished and worthy addition to the franchise.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by bowcaster7 (WEST LEBANON, NH) Aug 29, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

I preordered Wolfenstein and found that it is a mediocre game when I got it, but I decided to come here to see what reviewers thought about it and was shocked to find that the top two reviewers had said that the game had "inpressive graphics", and another even said "steller graphics!" Please people listen to me when I say that unless you have never played any sort of video game since CoD 3. I know its graphics were good in its time, but now they are a little outdated. That is exactly what I thoght when I poped in the disk, CoD 3 with supernatural powers.
Now before I say anything else bad I guess I will say some of the good things: The single player campaign is great allowing you to upgrade your powers and wepons, and having a whole city to explore while you are not on missions. And talking about the powers you recieve they work fine, and give the game its own personality instead of being a remake of CoD 3.
Now back to the bad: Before I delve into the brain tearing horrendous multiplayer, I would like to point out the fact that bullets cannot go through most materials, which makes a rediculous first cutscene. The cutscene goes like this: you see yourself on a german battleship, and you sneak around and kill some people, untill you are spotted at which you open a metal door and use it as cover against a german using an MG42. An MG42, is a heavy machinegun, and although the door is metal a heavy machinegun would surely cut straght though a 1/4 inch thich metal door!
And finally the migraine inducing multiplayer. Oh I played it, and if you PLAY the objective mode thing it is fun, but the problem is that it is inposible to play. It takes a VERY long time to find a match, and when you find one there is an about 80% chance that when you get into it the lag will be so bad that you will be stuck in place and unable to move. So it is fun when you find a server that works, but I can tell you that is very hard.

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