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Good Solid Shooter

posted by PhilRC (BRANDON, MS) Sep 1, 2009

Member since Dec 2003

Good Solid Shooter

Same basic Wolfenstein formula but with a couple of new features lifted from other shooters seen in the last 2 years like Prey, etc. Boss Battles very "Gears" like.

Graphic and AI very improved since last release. Havoc engine shows off well on 360.

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Be Warned before Investing time into this game

posted by MadaRenrut (FOREST, VA) Aug 31, 2009

Member since Oct 2006

This game is broken for the majority of the people who play this game. There is no support for this game, and there is only talk of a possible patch, nothing is confirmed.
For the majority of the players that play this gamy myself included. Your game will freeze during a loading screen, no specific level, and will then render your safe file useless to where you can not continue your game. I played through the hardest difficultly, collected all items, when to load last level and the "Freeze Bug" happened to me. Now 11 hours of my time and 60 dollars of mine are waster.
Also if you think you will enjoy multiplayer you are wrong, the multiplayer is broken as well. The game resets your level at random, forgets your stats, money, as well as any upgrades you might have earned.
There are so called fixes of certain ways you have to play, as in not getting collectables in certain areas, and exited out of multiplayer if you noticed your gold or level or upgrades gone. However they don't work for everyone. Just be WARNED!

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posted by DisEngAgeD (HOUSTON, TX) Aug 29, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

This game is not really the best game to play if you're really in to a game having a storyline. When I play the game, I'm aware that there is such a story, but I just don't know what it is. All I've figured out is that it's mainly just Germans killing Nazis. You find a crystal that unlocks a power, you kill people, and maybe you get to a boss, then it's on to the next level.

It is a free roam 'TYPE' of game but you have to go through these little wooden shack-type things to get to the next part of Midtown and the only roaming around the city is in houses, sewers, and streets. Although you can go on rooftops, it's hard to find a starting point in which to do so.

I really hate games that can have you get a silencer on your gun and you can supposedly "Sneak" when you're crouching, and yet they can see you 20 yards away within their peripheral vision. This game just so happens to be one of those games. You can shoot two men in the back of the head with a silenced weapon and everybody on that map just so happens to hear it and comes running to kill you.

You get to up/downgrade (Sell you upgrades for half the store-bought price) your weapons at a black market with the gold you find just laying around, but you need Intel and Tomes Of Power to unlock them. There are only Seven weapons in the game with only one type of grenade (Which can also be up/downgraded).

The game starts off with you running off a boat with a medallion. You mission (Which all of it is just cinematic) is to blow up the boat for a reason I have yet to find out. You pick up the medallion on the boat somewhere (I think, like I said about the storyline). You get cornered and they start to shoot you and you show them the medallion while they're shooting and a burst of energy comes out and disintegrates the people. I don't know why you cannot do that in the actual game.

If you're looking to just get this game just for the Achievements / Trophies, this game isn't good for that either.

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