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A good weekend rent.

posted by will63081 (BALTIMORE, MD) Aug 24, 2009

Member since Sep 2004

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Ok so I picked this up for the weekend and decided to go through it. It has been recieving a lot of hype from gamestop but let me just say that I was not that impressed. Now mind you the game does not necessarily do anything wrong. What it does do however has just been done many times over before. Its almost like they took the formula for a first person shooter and changed the setting, characters and story. There are a few highpoints to include the supernatural powers upgradable weapons and the mini sandbox feeling you get as you explore the city running between factions and missions all the while fighting Nazis to get to your destination. Still the faults in this game even it out which include targeting that seems a little off at times and while upgradable very limited choice of weapons as well as unusally long loading times for a game on a next generation console.
And then theres the multiplayer, with this game I finally understand what is meant when they say that in some games multiplayer is just "thrown in". Although there are different classes you still feel like all you are doing is running around shooting enemies. The level layout is horrible. It seems that you start off on opposite ends of the map and just run at each other, once you reach the middle shoot until they die or you do then start the process again. The whole thing lacks any type of imagination.
The saving grace of this game is definitely the single player campaign. To be honest it probably could have stood on its own. I recommend this game to anyone thats a fan of the Wolfenstein series otherwise its a nice rental and maybe a distraction from Call of Duty or Gears of War for a brief second.
Reviewers note:
Heres any idea for everyone to consider dont you think that its time for developers to make achievements exclusive to the single player campaign while challenges should be for multiplayer like it is setup in Call of Duty?

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by ebook32 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Aug 19, 2009

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Member since Dec 2007

5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

I don't know what went wrong with this game, after reading a few reviews before it's release I felt like it was going to be a hit, I was wrong I'm glad I didn't buy the game, it's worth a rent. Finish the game and send it back. Get your online ACHIEVEMENTS ASAP because in a few weeks no one will be playing this game online I've seen this happen a few times before. I know this sounds like a bad review, but it's not I had fun with the game, but it feels more like cheap COD knockoff and the online play has a lot of problems a few people took advantage of that problem and scored some kills. Bottom line the game is ok just kill time and get some easy achievements save your money for something better.

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You've played this before.

posted by DUMPL1NG (BOCA RATON, FL) Aug 20, 2009

Member since Jun 2007

6 out of 11 gamers (55%) found this review helpful

Only it was called 'Call of Duty 2' for the first half, and then it changed into another game entitled 'Prey'. And then there are elements of that one game 'Timeshift'.

Basically, this is a mutant creation of several decent titles. So why the bum score? Mostly because I held it to a higher standard. Is it a bad game? Not necessarily, however I got bored real quick with it.

Basically, if you've played Prey and any WWII game, you've played Wolfenstein. Another thing, and don't let this deter you from renting it, but I'm a point monger. I'm all about (1) the game and its entertainment factor, and (2) the ease of achievements.

This game is 90% multiplayer achs., and I'm not a big multiplyaer fan unless it's co-op. Now multi may be better than the single player, and if that's your thing, give it a shot.

I was bored very quickly, and I feel there are much better FPS' out there, but give it a shot and judge for yourself.

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