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Totally worth a rental and a weekend

posted by dukenukem1 (GOSHEN, IN) Aug 20, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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I have played wolfenstein since it came on a floppy disk with my first computer my family ever had. I must say that this game is pretty good, I do not judge the game on multiplayer since i have played more of the campaign, and that is what they put most of their time in. I do not know why people are complaining about the graphics, i found them to be stellar, especially in the cut scenes. The game play and control is close to call of duty and weapons are upgradeable which gives you something to work towards. I am in the middle of the campaign but i am noticing that the dialogue in the game sounds pretty terrible and chessy at times. You will know what i mean when you play it. I would say that this game is totally worth a rental, especially if you need a break from cod or halo. It is so far very easy, so if you play a lot of FPS then put it on the hardest level. The AI is not so Intelligent, but their deaths are usually cool. Sometimes you will get blood spurting out or if you shoot them in the neck they will grasp their neck and you can hear gurgling. So the blood/gore aspect is good. This game has fun gameplay, customizeable weapons, great graphics, and it deserves a spot in your Q.

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Very Good

state of the FPS genre

posted by rocknlouie (FAIRBANKS, AK) Sep 3, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

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It seems that its becoming more and more difficult to make an original FPS. Too many games just follow a standard formula. I liked the old school collecting health thing, the whole shield thing that games have been copying since halo gets old. You take a few hits, "run away!", good to go, however the game manages to throw enough things at you at once that I ended up dying quite a bit on Hard mode.

The game handles a lot like Call of Duty 4, except you are the solo superhero, and your squad doesn't just kill everyone while you take cover. Sometimes when my screen is covered in blood, I'm frantically scrambling for cover or fighting for my life, which is good and fun I believe.

One of the main things about FPS games is definitely the weapons. You have a wide range of weapons and powers to use. There are a few standard machine gun/rifle weapons, and then a slew of power weapons, like the tesla gun, particle cannon, and a gun thats a lot like the BFG9000. Each of the weapons can be upgraded, but you only get enough gold to max a few of the weapons. Ammo is hard to come by for some of the weapons, so I ended up budgeting a bit by attaching a bayonet to my rifle. Using my favorite power to slow the enemies, I would run around stabbing them, then my power wears off and Nazis are dropping to the ground around me. I must admit, I did sort of stick to this quite a bit, and saved the power weapons for bigger guys/bosses.

Most FPS games are at least somewhat clones, so the level design is where an FPS can shine. I often found myself immersed in the sci-fi/nazii theme, with giant underground facilities, excavation sites, a hospital for "experimenting", or flying high in the skies on a zeppelin. The grandeur of some of the areas, adorned with giant Swastikaa banners is always demonstrating the power of the 3rd Reichh. This coupled with super soldiers, experimental freaks, very evil/deformed leaders, makes it more satisfying to end their schemes and blow up their facilities.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Worth buying or renting....

posted by ExWifeH8tr (LAS VEGAS, NV) Apr 16, 2010

Member since Jul 2009

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This version of Wolfenstein is a great addition to the series as there is plenty to keep you busy for hours on end (finding all of the gold, intel, etc.). The online part is a very good shake-up to the typical FPS as the "powers" and "classes" make for some interesting gaming strategies. The only down part is that there are not more people playing online or it may be the game was not marketed correctly. Worth playing!

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