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Wolfenheimer: The Struggle for Deathshead

posted by SnootHonk (OROVILLE, CA) Jun 13, 2014

Member since Aug 2008

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When you first pop in the newest installment of the decades-old Wolfenstein into your PS4, you might be surprised to see that the installation alone is about 52GB, but when you see that Wolfenstein has some of the best visual fidelity yet seen on a console, you'll understand why the file is so immense.
Wolfenstein sticks to tried and true FPS gameplay mechanics, is "Uber" difficult yet immensely rewarding, and is well written, and to an extent, a great exercise in creative science fiction has here been realized. Coupled with solid voice acting, a compelling narrative, and its ultra-fast albeit over-the-top gunplay, Wolfenstein presents us with a memorable single player campaign-only odyssey few other recent titles can muster. Depending on which difficulty setting you choose, the game can either be a breeze or a frustratingly unforgiving visceral experience of the highest intensity. I should go into greater detail about some of the specifics of dual-wielding, lesser accuracy or damage reduction based on firing from the hip as opposed to crosshairs as seeming to have no significant impact, the way perks are unlocked, the way you can overcharge your health into the hundreds, not to mention all the collectibles...but most of these are more fun to master organically, as you play through this incredible piece of software. I would highly recommend this game, just keep an eye on how much HDD space you've got, not to mention the 5GB update you'll need to download in order to play the game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

perfect blend of old and new school shooter

posted by Igneuss (LEBANON, VA) Jun 6, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

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All I can say is wow. Epic conclusion for he series if they stop here which they could.

The story, acting, animations, etc are all excellent. The visuals could have been a little better and the glitches a little less in number would give this game an easy 9.

This game is even better in terms of story than Watch Dogs which I played before this.

You got the perfect blend of old school shooter well mixed with modern shooters. You got the cover mechanics. A bleed out-health return system with a touch of old school health and armor. All the weapons and their effects are also nicely done and for once dual wielding was done right in the last 3 years!

The only thing the game lacks is a solid multiplayer and a longer story. I completed the game on average in about 15 hours taking my time. it's got adventure style puzzles, mini quests, and some cool qte-like sequences.

I'd highly give this game a rent and if you're a fan of the series buy it and add it to your collection.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Mad_Dog_555 (CHESTER, VA) Jun 6, 2014

Member since May 2014

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At first in the beginning I was thinking this is just another FPS was not to impressed. But after playing for a couple of hours the game just keeps getting better and better. Only bad thing I can think of is sometimes the controls get messed up sometimes. You could be using a gun turret and he will switch to using your other guns while aiming sometimes and waste ammo lol. Could be my controller but I enjoyed every minute of this game so far.

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