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Very Good

First Person Shooter Gone Right!

posted by caperton3030 (DEATSVILLE, AL) Sep 9, 2014

Member since Jul 2011

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My only complaint about the Ps4 so far is that there isn't that many games for it yet...there is barely one a week if that. On the other hand, the ones that are released are almost always the best you can expect from a next gen system. This FPS is a great example of an excellent example...the story (a world where Germany won WWII) is cool but not too many cutscenes so can actually play it and not watch, it's simple and not to big so you know where you're going, a great upgrading system, a variety of weapons, not too hard, and not 60 hours long where you loose interest. The graphics are excellent, the AI is smart, and you just can't help playing it another hour because it just hits the right marks....if you like shooters don't pass on this one because it's not the new Call of Duty.

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Best shooter in years

posted by Supermane1985 (PORTLAND, OR) Jul 26, 2014

Member since Oct 2011

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This game is essentially flawless. The combat is bombastic, guns are great, environments are great and offer multiple options/paths to completion, and there are tons of hidden goodies. Basically all characters are likable, well written, deep, and realistic. I honestly can't remember the last shooter that reached this level of design quality. Do not miss this game!

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Epic story!

posted by RevPete (WHEAT RIDGE, CO) Jul 6, 2014

Member since Dec 2007

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For those of us that have followed the Wolfenstein franchise since the original Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple II, this is finally a breath of fresh air.

Gone are the supernatural elements of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, having been replaced by much more believable elements of an advanced secret society, which inadvertently helps the Nazis win WWII.

You play as William Blazkowicz, a gritty workhorse of a soldier, who finds himself in a mental institution years after the end of the war. The war still fresh in your mind, you set about to make it right again.

The journey takes you through quite a variety of fantastic locations (including a German moon base!), which helps keep the game play varied, while still consistent. Weapons and modifications found along the journey help you gain more power, and are presented in such a way that you don't get too confused with all the additional control options.

And one important decision that you make in the middle of the game has consequences through the rest of the game. The character development is remarkable, and the story line will keep you engaged until the very end.

I would have given this game a full-blown 10 rating, except that the one annoying part of the game is that you're part of a group fighting for justice, but they have you (Blazkowicz) do absolutely ALL of the work, it seems. It gets a bit old after a while.

Definitely rent this game! And I will purchase it in a few months when it becomes more affordable. The GameFly Keep It price is actually higher than buying it at Costco right now, but I'll wait until it comes down into the bargain range. I will definitely play it again, if only to find out what happens if I make a different choice in the middle!

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