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Very Good

first time writing a review

posted by generalblackpaw (LAKESIDE, CA) May 24, 2014

Member since Dec 2011

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now i never played any of the other games in the franchise but i thought that this was a really good game and i really liked the detail on the characters' faces as well. now sadly i feel that there wasn't as much detail in the environment like on the signs most of the were really blurry or pixelated so i feel this game should get an eight because of the lack in detail. also i was bummed out to see that the main character didn't have feet nor did he cast a shadow i have seen this in other games but i don't know how hard it is to do movement tracking when the character is moving.

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Above Average

Mixed Feelings

posted by Deathpact (MARENGO, IL) Jul 23, 2014

Member since Feb 2013

I was excited to try this game as I enjoyed the previous Wolfenstein titles. When it came in the mail I was over joyed. I popped it in. Immediately I found that the character voices are very quiet while the action around them is very loud. Luckily I play every game with subtitles so I over looked this. I decided to play on the hardest difficulty since I'm not a new comer to shooters. Things were going great until about chapter 6 or so. Then the frustration began. Note, this isn't because "I'm not doing good, this game sucks!" Here's what happened.

You find yourself heading towards a hallway literally filled with enemies. There are 2 heavily armored shotgun enemies, which are extremely hard to kill on UBER. Nothing a few grenades and well aimed shots can't handle. I'm leaning and shooting from cover when I realize I'm getting damaged A LOT from behind. Thinking an enemy flanked me I turn around only to see my team mate. Yes, your team mate's shots hurt you. Keep in mind you can't even shoot at your team mate so why they thought one sided friendly fire was a good idea is beyond me. I overlook it, pick up some health and continue to clear the hallway. I see an enemy laying on his back in a last stand position, aiming his pistol at me. I shoot him a bunch before I realize he's dead, but glitched. Okay, one glitch isn't too bad.. I continue, getting to the end of the hall triggers a dog to pop out and obliterate your health. You head down and there's about 4 more tough enemies. Finally I get past this extremely hard segment and head outside. No checkpoint, more tough guys. The enemies I kill start to glitch, I kill them and they just stand there. My team mate rushes to the car after I clear the enemies. I can't get in. So I go explore a bit, at full health. No enemies in site, I turn to check out a narrow corridor. Instantly get peppered by phantom bullets and die. Forced to replay the entire segment.

TL;DR: The game is fun but glitches and poor design ruin it.

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posted by miketittle (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Jul 22, 2014

Member since Oct 2011

Wow this game is insane and and gory

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