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Wipeout Pure


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GF Rating

864 ratings

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Rank: Master

84 Gold medals

Rank: Guru

96 Gold medals

Rank: Junkie

108 Gold medals

Rank: Legend

120 Gold medals

Rank: Purist

132 Gold medals

Rank: Trainee

12 Gold medals

Rank: Amateur

24 Gold medals

Rank: Geek

36 Gold medals

Rank: Enthusiast

48 Gold medals

Rank: Addict

60 Gold medals

Rank: Veteran

72 Gold medals

Livery ships:

By winning the Ascension Tournament in the Flash class.


Win a track with a gold medal. Then, enter your profile menu and select "Progress". Highlight the track that was completed with a gold medal and press X.

Classic tracks:

Win enough gold medals to unlock the next class (for example, Rookie to Trainee) to unlock a classic track. Each class promotion has a corresponding classic track.

Zone track: Mallavol

Clear 25 zones in the Pro T020 track.

Zone track: Coridon 12

Clear 25 zones in the Mallavol track.

Zone track: Syncopia

Clear 30 zones in Coridon 12 track.

Classic tournament:

Unlock all Classic tracks.

Medieval team:

Collect at least 70 gold medals to reach Veteran status.

Zone team:

Finish with a gold medal on all Zone tracks (Pro Tozo, Mallavol, Coridon 12, and Syncopia).

Flash class:

To unlock the Flash class, get any three total medals from the Alpha, Beta, and Ascension tournaments in the Venom class.

Phantom Class:

Finish in first, second, or third place in the Ascension tournament in the Rapier class.

Rapier class:

By winning the Ascension tournament in the Flash class.

Beta tournament:

Finish in first place on all Alpha Tournament tracks.

Ascension tournament:

Finish in first place on all Beta Tournament tracks.