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Wings of War

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Gameplay Controls

Wings of War

GamePlay: For complete gameplay and menu information, check the In-game Manual. During missions you can collect various bonuses, including extra guns, bombs, rockets, shields, and more. A bonus is generally awarded for flying through a hazardous location or destroying a particular target. Medals can also be received for exceptional performance when completing mission goals and for outstanding performance over the length of your career.

Directional Pad Select Options
Left Thumbstick Select Options
A Button Confirm Selection/Proceed
B Button Cancel/Return to Previous
Start Confirm Selection/Proceed

Directional Pad Up/Down = Select Option, Left/Right = Change Option.
A Button Confirm Selection/Proceed
Start Confirm Selection/Proceed

Directional Pad Left/Right = Cycles Between the Available Cameras. Up/Down = Throttle Down/Up.
Left Thumbstick Plane Control. Press Left Thumbstick to Call for a Duel (Campaign)/Scores Table (Instant Action).
Right Thumbstick Look Around. Press Right Thumbstick to Display Map Overlay.
A Button Primary Fire. Take a Photo (Bomb View).
B Button Secondary Fire (Rocket Bombs).
X Button Select Target
Y Button Binoculars
White Button White Button + Left Thumbstick/Left = Break Left. White Button + Left Thumbstick/Right = Break Right. White Button + Left Thumbstick/Down = Forward Loop. White Button + Left Thumbstick/Up = Reversed Loop. White Button + Left Trigger = Barrel Roll Left. White Button + Right Trigger = Barrel Roll Right.
Black Button Switch Secondary Weapons. Switch Gun Posts.
Left Trigger Throttle Down
Right Trigger Throttle Up
Start Menu
Back Photo/Bomb View