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Great Concept, but Controls are Weak

posted by eborchardt (MADISON, WI) Apr 10, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

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I was super excited to see a flying game being released after finding out there was no Pilotwings being released for Wii. So I made sure this game made it to the top of my rental queue as soon as possible.

The game starts out with a story about a character that inherits a business that uses planes to do odd jobs. You play this character and are given assignments to complete. When you complete your missions, you earn money that you can use to repair, upgrade, or buy new planes.

The missions themselves are very creative. There is one where you have to locate cows that have escaped their pasture, and another you are crop dusting. There are also missions that you compete against computer opponents by flying through rings and popping balloons. The missions were much more difficult than I anticipated. It took me several attempts to beat some of them.

The major downfall in this game are the controls. Steering right/left/up/down is quite natural and is fine. The game has a few other controls as well. You can speed up by holding up on the d-pad and slow down by holding down on the d-pad. I found that I am holding the up button constantly, which is a little awkward. The real problems came with the speed burst and u-turns. To do a speed burst, you need to thrust the remote forward. To do a u-turn, you flick the remote to the side. There were many instances where I would try to do a speed burst but end up doing a u-turn instead.

I enjoyed playing this game for a while, but I eventually got so frustrated with the controls that I wanted to throw the remote across the room.

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Decent Game, Weak Controls

posted by trucles (REDWOOD CITY, CA) Apr 11, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I was very excited to see a flying game for the Wii. The missions are pretty fun with a good variety of tasks, including transporting cargo, locating targets, crop-dusting, navigating courses, etc. It's a little strange flying in formation and having to re-arrange formations, but adds an interesting twist to the traditional flying game. Steering is handled mostly by tilting the Wiimote and is very responsive. However, boosts, braking, and quick-turns are handled by physically moving the Wiimote, and these motions don't respond well at all. I also found the missions during which you located targets very frustrating, as your radar screen isn't very helpful, so I found myself wandering aimlessly, hoping to get lucky and stumble across one.

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If this isn't a "Fair - 5", I don't know what is

posted by JFiz81 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) May 7, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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Ever thought “I really wish I knew an example of a game rated Fair - 5.” It's your lucky day, as Wing Island might be the clearest “5” I’ve had in a bit.

This game has a lot of simple pros, and also a lot of small cons. When I totaled up the imaginary scorecard in my brain, it came out about even, and I’d say that’s a 5. Here’s why:

The controls: To be honest, the controls were better then I thought they’d be. I was able to learn the steering and move throughout with ease. On the other side of that, maybe they were smooth because they were a little too simple. Well, simple controls that work, in my opinion, are better then overly complex controls that feel like a yoga session to pull off.

The graphics : Graphics were OK. Nothing to write home about, and only a few maps. The maps are few and on the small side, but at least they are vastly different in setup so each map doesn’t feel the same. They could have let plane upgrades actually be visible in the game to give a little eye candy for you plane lovers, but upgrade your engine/weight/turning all you want in the garage and your plane will look the same as it did.

The game: My phrase on this “fair" game: too short (not to be confused with the rapper). The plot line which is required to open some of the islands is over to quick. After that, you have the option to continue flying around the islands that you’ve opened and try to best your top mission scores. On top of that, a lot of the missions are sometimes frighteningly similar in goal and in how you complete them:

Mission 1: Drop off these apples!
Mission 2: Drop off these barrels!

I don’t mind the whole replay option of ‘bettering your scores’, but when my scores to work on are cloned missions across very few islands, I feel like the game is about done.

Final (deep) thoughts: When I put my thoughts together, the word “Fair” floated over my head like a divine intervention, so 5 it is. I had a lot of fun, for about a day.

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