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Come on, Izuna...were you really that desperate?

posted by willy4eyes (DARBY, PA) Jun 16, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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"A fighting game guest-starring Izuna and Shino from Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja? Sure, why the heck not?" I'm sure that's what's gone through a lot of Izuna fans' heads when they first heard of Windy X Windam. The game's release date had been pushed back three times, so one would think that there'd be enough time to prepare the best product for the consumer base, right?

The game looks innocuous enough at first glance - seven characters (with spots for three unlockables, including the aforementioned unemployed ninjas), assorted weapons and special movies - pretty standard stuff. It isn't until you actually start playing Windy that you'll notice something is VERY rotten in the kingdom of Gawain.

Let's start with the controls. There are buttons for weak and strong attacks, as well as ones for dashing, jumping and hovering. The last few are meant to make the battles faster and more dynamic, but you'll rarely ever need to use them, because the fights are so badly programmed. The game won't respond half the time when trying to pull off more complex maneuvers, meaning that you'll find yourself button mashing your way to easy victory after easy victory. Even when tuned up to Mania difficulty, the CPU barely puts up a fight, rarely ever bothering to block your attacks.

The game isn't much fun to look at, either. Character sprites and special attacks alike only have a handful of animation frames, making every fight look awkward. The sound is no better...boring, repetitive music plays in the background during every battle, along with a limited array of sound and voice clips.

After stomping your way past the last boss and watching the ending, you might be treated to the chance to play as Izuna and/or Shino, but those are the only extras you'll see. There is an astonishing lack of care put into this product, and it does a great disservice to Izuna fans, fighting game fans, and Nintendo DS gamers in general. She deserves better than a game like this, and so do you.

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GF Rating


The game is a good time killer

posted by meister (TRENTON, NJ) Jun 12, 2010

Member since Apr 2007

this game plays like gulity gear game its really fun and can easily kill about 50 to 70 mins of your time without you knowing it rent it then buy it completely worth it

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