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Winback: Covert Operations


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Gameplay Controls

Winback: Covert Operations

Directional Buttons Down = Set and detonate C4 explosives, Right = Flashlight On/Off
X Button Reload weapon/Enter
Triangle Button Capture enemy camera
Square Button Action/Pick up/Open doors/Back to wall/Combat
Circle Button Change weapons
L2 Button Camera angle control
L1 Button Crouch
R2 Button Camera angle control
R1 Button Aim weapon
Start Button Display system screen
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Character movement
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Capture camera toggle
R3 Button Centers camera to default position
Combo #1 Left Analog Stick + R1 = Targeting/Control Laser Sight
Combo #2 Square Button + R1 Button = Fire weapon
Combo #3 L1 Button + Square Button = Forward Tumble