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Good for music exploration, not for "Win the game"

posted by MrChapman (MARION, IA) Mar 16, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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As a music teacher I enjoyed this game very much. This game gives a unique approach to a lot musical concepts that elementary and middle school music teachers are looking in their students.

If a parent were ask me my opinion of the game as a teacher, I would say its not a learning tool with an objective to teach as a lot of music software out there does, but a toy that young kids can use to explore music through it's simplicity and clever gimmicks. It has a child-like (that is different word from childish) quality that is parallel to the Muppets. I would say that any person who gets that kind of Muppet humor, regardless of age would likely enjoy Wii Music as well.

With teens the game could go either way; If you have a teenager that is good natured and enjoys Muppet and Veggie Tales like movies and videos then there is a good chance that they would enjoy Wii Music as well. However if you have a teen at that stage where anything that looks kiddie is beneath them or they are very defiant against being babied, I'd recommend something along the lines of "Guitar Hero".

In my own personal experience, when I played Wii Music with my own family (all over the age of 21, and all musically minded) we were in tears laughing, watching all of our Miis playing the Mario Brothers theme on Tubas.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A very light hearted game.

posted by PenPencil (RANDLEMAN, NC) Dec 5, 2008

Member since Nov 2004

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I have actually rented Wii Music before so I decided to put it on my games list to experience the joy a second time. Let me just say this: This is not the type of game for people expecting it to be like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Due to the Wii's controls, there is no possible way to hit a specific note.

Personally, I was rather upset that this enjoyable game got such a low rating. I think that this type of game could be enjoyed by all music lovers that want to add a little twist to some songs that they enjoy. Since the music selection in this game ranges from mainly classical to some "poppier" or more well known songs, it isn't for people that don't prefer that kind of thing. True, it has no plot but it wasn't meant to have a plot. Does Wii Sports have a plot? Does Wii Play have a plot? I really don't think so. You just play the game. Now if you don't like this game, that's perfectly fine. Far be it from me to try and change a person's mind set.

True, this game does have some faults to it as well. I would have found the game a tad bit more fun if there had been more mini games added to it. However, I enjoyed the song selection and the vast amount of music instruments one was capable of playing. I also enjoyed the tutorials that it gave you on a specific music type.

When renting this game (as I assume that most of you rent new games before you buy them) don't think that this is going to be some hard core, extreme, challenging game. Note that the rating is E. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't played many super hard games that are rated E. Just keep a light heart in mind and don't expect anything to challenging and you should find some enjoyment in this game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Bored Easily? Sour Grapes? What's your excuse?

posted by BoxTock (OGDEN, UT) Dec 30, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

25 out of 29 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

I don't trust negative reviews anymore. Most of the titles I've rented have their fair share of naysayers. Look up your favorite Wii release, for example, and chances are it has an average rating of "5.4."

Let's face it - everybody has different tastes and interests. But the funny thing is, the positive reviews are almost always more helpful to me than the negative ones.

As for Wii Music, I was skeptical. I have not enjoyed any of the Rock Band or Guitar Hero games I have played. They all seem very juvenile to me - there's nothing creative behind them at all. I guess if you like matching colors and numbers or a timed version of Simon Says, then these are right for you.

Wii Music, however, presents you with something entirely different, and I think the negative reviews are a byproduct of an impatient generation of gamers raised on instant gratification. See, that's the thing with Wii Music, if you're expecting to be instantly gratified or to be instantly able to master it by overlapping the same tired techniques from other "music" titles, then you're bound to become frustrated and disappointed - almost immediately.

That's what I love about this release. It's not your "typical" game by any means. You start out learning the basic movements or fundamentals of the game. Then as you PRACTICE, and I don't just mean tirelessly repeat the same combination of moves,(something that might also be a foreign concept to many gamers) you advance through lessons and techniques that unlock more songs and venues.

It's a very enjoyable experience that will keep you entertained and engaged for a long, long time - if you have the wherewithal to "stick with it." Believe me, by the time you are learning to "expand your reggae style" and overdubbing each of the six parts with your own unique performances, you'll see that Wii Music really is an advanced concept for music enthusiasts and other creative types.

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