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GF Rating

Above Average

It’s a Blast for some, but not others

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 4, 2011

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When a criminal organization has their boss go missing for reasons unknown, the call goes out for someone (or something) to replace him.
In order to do that, you pick your character and blast your way through eight levels of simple shooting fun. (Actually, there are ten, but you only need to play eight to finish the story mode).
The challenges you face are the basics - tasks like blast marked icons on screen, blast some robbers of a bank (without hitting any innocents), hitting the desired figure from a group, or blast targets in an indicated order. There’s a great variety of mini games in this compilation.
Each level requires the player to get a minimum number of points in order to avoid getting a strike (the requirement is different for each of the 10 games.) Get three strikes and the game’s over.
After playing through Story Mode a few times, you unlock Family Mode. Here, you can pick up to eight mini games for you and up to three other payers. Highest point total wins.
But one big problem with this mode is the descriptions of the mini games consist of a small picture attached to a balloon (which you shoot in order to pick that game). Finding the right mini game can get tough – I would’ve like to see the selection consist of buttons with the game title in large easy to read letters.
After a few more Story Mode games, you get Survival Mode. Here, one player has to play a series of mini games until he/she fails to meet the point requirement for that mini game. But this mode goes on for far too long – to get the best score, you’ll have to beat 30 rounds of mini games.
And while the mini games can be fun, they are very short and don’t leave much of an impression.
$20 is a good price for Wicket Monster Blast, and it’s best to play it with four players - preferably younger or casual players. Older or more hardcore players might get turned off by the simplicity of the game, or by the cute characters. So, I’ll just split the difference. RENT IT

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GF Rating


Family Fun Game!

posted by EAGL3 (GARDENA, CA) Jul 8, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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Those cute and silly characters got my attention. The game was real fun and enjoyable with my family. It became my kids' favorite shooting game and I was thinking to buy our own copy. There are about 12 mini games that won't let you get bored. It's challenging and good for kids..Recommended!!

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by VJFranzK (CLAREMONT, CA) Jan 30, 2012

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Thought the Sonic esque anime art looked cool, but it's not enough to save this "party game" that has so few events we were bored after 2 plays and returned it.

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