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Forget the SP campaign, GeoNet is where it's at!

posted by ShrapDog (NEWARK, NJ) Feb 19, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

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Ok if you're looking for +100hrs and ultra hard grinding in New Game+:
If you're PS3 can go online, and you like:
killing huge monsters,
crafting armors,
multicolor eyeglasses, (lol)
monocles, capes,
constructing your own town with people you met in the single player
joining up with people online to do quests, collect materials, etc etc
Then this just might be for you.

Yes, the single player is laughably easy (people died in the single player mission? wth?!), it's like 20hrs max (with cutscenes), closer to 6hrs when you do NG+...this game is set to be a trilogy, as can be seen in the ending. And NG+ doesnt scale so you can literally run around naked the 1st half of the game collecting the ranked gear.
Full of cliches and I think the cutscenes probably equal more time than actual gameplay but whatever...

Now the GeoNet - This is where this game and your avatar shine. The GeoNet is where you get to build your own town based however you like, and you can recruit NPCs (farmers, miners, warriors, chefs, mages) from the SP campaign to come work for you. Once online you can use the adventurer's quests you bought in SP to recruit other players online to help you with quests. There are Guild Ranks and Binding Ranks, the higher you get the better the gear gets. All mobs have specific drops that you need to collect in order to make better gear. As you get higher in level/ranks the quests get harder, pretty much anything after GR 7 will require grouping in one shape or another. The GeoNet acts seperately from the PSN so you can have WKC friends and regular PSN friends kept seperately.

So ya, the single player is weak but the GeoNet, which is a free service is by far the best part of this game.
(Complaining about the graphics? lip syncing? I swear some people wont be happy until they are watching real life people in actual settings with a toolbar at the bottom. The graphics are fine)

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Dark Cloud 3 In Spirit

posted by gameflyrev (DALLAS, TX) Feb 23, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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Level 5 is one of my favorite JRPG developers. Dark Cloud 1 and 2 had a certain spirit that really grabbed me and I loved the Georama system of those two titles. Well, with White Knight Chronicles you could really call it the spiritual successor to Dark Cloud and label it Dark Cloud 3. BUT, this title has a single player storyline with more going on then just " you need to rebuild towns ". But in classic Level 5 style, the storyline takes a serious backseat to everything else in the game. Really, what JRPG has a GREAT storyline anyway?

Beyond the storyline problems, I find nearly nothing worth complaining about. The online element is actually really well done. Being able to create your own town, hire residents, farm materials that others can take advantage of, and grow your town is incredibly fun and well managed. I've gone to bland towns and then walked into a town incredibly well designed with tons of buildings and residents and lakes and whatnot. A place you would love to enter again. Also, thanks to the level of the town, you can find yourself walking out of a Town with some advanced weaponry and armor thanks to the binding system and the ability to buy more rare materials from these town shops compared to the storyline towns.

Combat system works like Final Fantasy XII. Everything is real time and it utilizes the ATB system ( Active Time Battle ). Anyone who has played Final Fantasy 7 or 6 or 8 or whatever has used this system before. But, unlike FF instead of waiting for a bar to fill you wait for a circle on the screen to fill before you can activate your next attack. People call this slow, but it is a normal thing. Also, you can speed this process up with buffs, higher stats like agility, lighter armor on your character and other factors. Currently I wait about 2 seconds between spear attacks. The combo system is great. The graphics are great. And the soundtrack is prob. the best of an RPG this generation.

Overall, a solid JRPG.

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Epic Game, But..

posted by toMsonsLLC (BERWYN, IL) Feb 3, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

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This game had the potential and hype to start with. But it's epically terrible!

We fans have been waiting for this game for years. A MMO and JRPG mixture that we expected to be the next great game of 10'. The game starts off with a cool concept where you are a boy (Lenard), who gets an ability to call this awesome creature/robot known as the White Knight. The story itself is told very harsh manor, it doesn't grip you at all. It makes you feel rather empty and uninvolved. They just do a overall bad job on telling the story. Story itself has a few good plot twists, but nothing to make you think that the game overall is a master piece or even decent (sad to say). The game doesn't engage you for the entire thing, including the ending. The end of the game was very unsatisfying, and just like IGN says, it's a horrible cliff hanger. They gave this game no thought, or at least it seems.

Now for the gaming details, the game looks bad. From the pictures and renderings they presented for the longest time, you would think that the model work and effects would look great. But that is far from the truth, even the environments look like utter garbage. This just doesn't look like a next generation game. The voices don't even come close to the characters model.

The game battle system, you gain skills and you pretty much add them to your in-game options screen. It's a nifty idea, but I've gotten this even though IGN's rating of it, which is in the 5's. They say you spend most of your time in the battle system "waiting" and that is so correct. It's like "Last Remnant" to an extreme, you almost forget you're playing the game at times! Unlike Last Remnant, in White Knight distance plays no role. They can attack you from behind a mountain, huge tree or a mile-away and with their short range attacks. But you can't. The free roaming in the game is useless, just stay close and never move. Works better!

Multiplayer mode is pretty solid.

Rent, do NOT buy!

OVERALL = 4.5/10.0

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