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This is Horrid!

posted by Dreamis (RALEIGH, NC) Dec 28, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

Anyone whos a fan of White knight chronicles! as awesome as the first one was DO NOT!!!! BUY WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES 2 its strait bull---- steaming garbage and a w8st of time and money

there are no awesome cinematics like the first 1

You wont get a knight for ur created char till the end

you have to buy a code for online play now

the story is the same as the first 1 and so are the places u fight in allong with the monsters, even if u use ur old save file and start off at lvl 35 ur still weak to everything regardless. It might as well be named WKC 1 1/2

Lastly this game is just boring and dumb, heed my warning! i loved the first 1, but this 1 bores me to tears and frustrates to no end.

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Ignore the noobs and haters

posted by wlanedbz (HATTIESBURG, MS) Dec 12, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

This game is great. I hate to say it, but I hated this game the first time around. However, in White Knight II they fixed the first game, now the combat is quicker, and it comes with tutorials. When I played this game last year, I thought it was nearly impossible, turns out I just didnt completely understand the combat. They also fixed a lame issue from the first one, now your distance from enemy matters. Before, running far away from an enemy would still leave you vulnerable to their attacks, however your attacks wouldnt be able to reach. This is fixed now to my relief. I rated this game like a 4 or 5 last time...whats my rating this time? 10..thats right...this game is truly epic, I feel like a fool that i didnt see it before. Also, the story and art are amazing. Good stories are hard to find from Japanese games these days. Sure its a little bit corny, but not even a fraction as much as Final Fantasy 13. Oh yeah, and buy this game, the multiplayer is a major selling point.

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Part Mecha, Part Town Builder, All RPG

posted by Exrage (SPOKANE, WA) Oct 28, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

The thing you gotta know before renting is two things: it's all or nothing and the cutscenes are long. The first part means if you're not going to explore all of the little extras in the game- the Geonet, the guild quests and errands, building and customizing each character and their respective Ark- then the game will probably only amount to maybe a 6 and end a little too fast for most. The second means the cutscenes are long, and there's a lot of them.

Good news though, pause works through everything- except the multiplayer and geonet areas.

Once you commit yourself to it though the game is truly a good time. Building a town to provide materials to help upgrade you and your party/itself was a nice touch. The thing to remember is it also comes to guild level, and it's important not to rush it starting out- the levels and quests will come if you do the errands and knock out each quest once you have the gear/level to do so.

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