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posted by WhyteNynja (OCALA, FL) Sep 16, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

4 out of 12 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

The developers took the easy way out in this sequel and made everything the same by using the "time travel to the past" method. If you played WKC1 then everything will be very familiar because all the map locations/areas are pretty much the same exact places you visited before with the same monsters, same items, even the treasure chests are opened if you loaded your WKC1 saved data!

It gets pretty boring real fast fighting the same handful of monsters over and over again in each area. If you like repetition this is the game for you!

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Really Bad

Why? Knight Chronicles II

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Dec 11, 2011

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Member since May 2011

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I played the first WKC... and was disappointed.

WKC II has a wealth of improvements, plus getting WKC 1, with those improvements is really nice.

But, this game sucks. It's so pointless. Just like the first one, the combat is pretty lame and the Death Blow of it all is that this an RPG, which by reputation tells a long, detailed story, and the worst thing you can have happen in a game like this is for people NOT CARE about anything that happening or the characters involved...

I love LEVEL-5, ever since Dark Cloud and DragonQuest, but this series needs to die.

There's no JRPG's on the PS3, which is a huge let down, but you're just gonna have to wait until Ni No Kuni arrives. (also LEVEL-5, called White Witch something or other in the US)

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Fail of the year

posted by Cageone (ORLANDO, FL) Sep 26, 2011

Member since Dec 2009

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SERIOUSLY? The new fad of screwing renters by charging for online play is not working to force people to buying games.Lets all hope this goes away faster than a ripe pimple on the nose. Another part lacking in this version versus the first was the story line is very lazy and seems to be a lousy flow. Like Leonard just will help anyone convenient to the story line. If you have cutscenes,story lines need to make some sense.The only positives that I saw with the new game are, a bit better battle system layout and more vivid color scheme especially with blues and greens. Playing on a Samsung 1080p 3d plasma so it all looks kind of pretty.The sound on the other hand, same samples used. "Wait up sweety." That's a lot of lazyness,couldn't they hire some woman or even a tranny and record her vocal to say" yo wait up hot stuff", or something.Seems like they took the easy way out and didn't make a new game but rather an expansion pack that they want us to pay full price for.I am sure many of us were looking forward to this too as the first game was solid.

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