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Above Average

Little Late Vinny

posted by ballsdeep (APPLEGATE, CA) Apr 3, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

First off I just have to say that Wheelman could have been good a few years ago, maybe. I can't get behind this game no matter how hard I try. Good ideas and so called innovations in gameplay somehow just don't deliver any enjoyment. Music is more like ambient noise and the controls feel old and wonky. So there is some, and I stress SOME, of the failing aspects of the game. Now as far as some kind of redeeming quality, there is a near perfect recreation of Barcelona for you to mash through at your leisure. That is if you want to mash through it, which you probably won't. This must be the most negative Gamefly review I have ever written although unintentional. Anyway, I found myself trying to get some cheap easy achievements which were not so easy after all and that just pi$$ed me off even more. Do yourself a favor and skip this one kids, rent Riddick instead. Alright I'll break it down anyway.

Graphics - 7

Gameplay - 5

Replay - 4

Overall - 6 -

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A step in the right direction...

posted by fanofthex (PROVO, UT) Mar 30, 2009

Member since Jul 2005

While some may claim this is just another GTA knock-off I really think the game is trying to break new ground by focusing on vehicular combat and action. I think the game fell short because it didn't focus enough on what it did well.
Any open environment game that has to do with criminal activities and the underbelly of crime is instantly smacked with the moniker "GTA clone" and already is branded with a bad mark against it even before the press really sits down to review it.
IGN's rating stinks, plain and simple. With the dubious amount of Wii games they've handed high scores to, I say shenanigans. Now am I saying this game is a "10" run out and buy it? No, I am not; but if you give it a chance, you may find something you like.
The high points of the game:
-Vin Diesel character/ voice work
-Vehicle Combat
-Pretty Good story
-Plenty of things to do in the game on the side
So why should you rent this game? Well, if you're a fan of Vin Diesel, that's a pretty good reason. The main character is modeled after him and is voiced by him. Diesel's own game studio Tigon was involved, so he's had a lot of input for the game. I think as a self-proclaimed gamer (if you've watched the interviews) this goes a long way in making the game.
The vehicle combat is very slick and stylized. I like what the game does with the melee strikes when you flick the right stick in the direction of other cars. The races are fun, especially since you can shoot at your competition and use the super moves to decimate them.
Unfortunately there is a downside: I really wish the developers would have focused on the vehicle combat. I mean give us more vehicles, make them upgradeable, new moves to unlock, things like that. So, without these things the game quickly becomes stale with the same animations for destruction and use after use of the super moves.
In trying to appeal to a larger audience, the game falls short of what it tries to do. Nevertheless, a step in the right direction. Try it.

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Good title and fun to play!

posted by D1rtyyyy (METAIRIE, LA) Mar 30, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

I liked it better than GTA-IV's solo-campaign. Very good graphix and intuitive controls make this a MUST-RENT!

I give it a B+.


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