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Vin Diesel Cannot Save This Title

posted by Justice76 (MILPITAS, CA) Oct 28, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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What do you get when you mix Vin Diesel, Burnout Paradise, GTA IV, and ten parts Lameness? Wheelman! I love Vin Diesel fan, but this is sub-par.

COOL MOVES: Cyclone Spins, Aimed Shots and Airjacks are sweet additions to standard gameplay.

105 REPETITIVE SIDE MISSIONS/105 S-RANKS: I only needed two more trophies to platinum this game, but it became such a grind I returned it. The panda drivers are extremely aggressive, and making the S rating on many events requires more than skill. You have to be lucky. Sometimes cars block your way, and some times they don’t.
UNFORGIVING PHYSICS: Similar to Need For Speed Undercover (NFSU), once you hit or exit a moving vehicle, it inexplicably shoots down the road in front of you at 200mph. However, if you contact the unoccupied vehicle again, it mysteriously stops and becomes a semi-immovable object, blocking you from further forward motion.
UNFORGIVING ENVIRONMENT: You come to a complete stop because you tap a curb or wall.
SUICIDAL AI DRIVERS: Cars on the street steer into you for no apparent reason. In Made To Order missions, the drivers of the hot vehicles never crash, unless you’re close enough to airjack the vehicle. Then they inexplicably hit other cars, forcing you to drive past them. Bogus.
BAD GUYS NEVER MISS: Milo: ten seconds to shoot one tire. Enemies: three seconds to shoot two tires.
BAD GUYS HAVE UNLIMITED BOOST: Moving vans go the same speed as your superbike.
INEFFECTIVE GPS: At times, the dot is too big to tell where you are supposed to go, which is frustrating when looking for specific destinations in crowded areas.
NO STORY: You shoot, slam and grind villains and police alike. Why? Because Vin Diesel is undercover. That explains everything.
FOOT GAMEPLAY: Walking/running on foot stinks.
WIMPY GUNS: They all feel similar.

SUMMARY: Pass on this.

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Very Cool Game

posted by CustomSyst (UPPER CHICHESTER, PA) Jul 28, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game is pretty good, I like it! I'm glad I didn't listen to some of the reviews. The graphics is not all that bad, they didn't spend alot of money in that department but they did do well with it. The game kept my attention, I didn't grow bored with it like most first person games but this is clearly the second person view. The only real flaw that I found weird, when you shot at some of the people they don't die or fall down. I wasted severals on a guy that was just walking around town and he did not die....LOL! Now they could have down better than that, I thought that was a bit cheesy.

If you just looking for a good shot'em up game, this is ideal. Now if you want the ultimate graphics, this is not the one. This is more like, I can deal with it just for the storyboard.

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Very Good

Fun, Fast, and Lots To Do

posted by DarkDove (BRONX, NY) Jul 14, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I'm a huge Vin Diesel fan so of course i'm going to play a game starring him but this game had more then a big name action star it actually was a good game. There's something for everybody in this game from gta, racing, find & destroy, and more. This game took the ideas and missions from many popular games before it and rolled it up all in one. If you like racing and cop chasing games like Need for Speed, if you like driving people around like in Taxi, or if you like throwing(or kicking, a little hint about the gameplay) people out of their cars or shooting games like GTA then your enjoy this game because it has all of this. The missions are all nicely map out on your gps map and you can process in the game anyway you see fit. If your the kind of player that likes to just play straight through or if you like to complete a game in its entryly this game makes it easy to do either(though if you do complete the side missions with an A or higher you are rewarded). The game also has trophies for those who enjoy collecting all the trophies a game offers. The graphics were impressive, very clear and bright. And I enjoy the gameplay features that the game offered like aimed shot and air jack. There were a few issues that I came across while playing and these were glicths that cause me to have to play some missions over or kept me from air jacking(it may have been just from my disc or it may be from the game itself, which I'm not sure of but I felt that it was worth mentioning). Other then the glicths that I expeirenced, I enjoyed playing Wheelman and I remeand it.

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