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Oh my gosh!!! This game is a blast!! Rent it now!!

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Mar 28, 2009

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I rented this game with huge expectations and it lives up to them all!!!! In this game, you play as Milo Burik, a wheelman for hire that does several driving jobs, like driving crooks away from the cops, stealing cars and returning them to their owners, and my favorite, carry a beautiful spanish girl who pays quite well. LOL!!!
Now down to business, this game is super fun and addictive, I give it a 9.5 out of a perfect ten. The only thing keeping it from a 10, is that once you get out of your car, you run around extremely slow, and when on foot, game can be a tad bland. But the graphics are very good, not perfect, but very good. Driving is freakin awesome!!!! You crash cars, high jack cars on the ground and while your driving. You can steal cars, and motorcycles. Driving is easy and addictive!! And the stunts are very cool!!

Pros: Amazingly addictive driving, interesting missions, awesome cars, insane stunts, deep characters, car combat is perfect, driving motorcycles is a cool touch. The cinematic gaming adds excitement.

Cons: You run really slowly, on-foot gaming is a tad bland at times.

Besides these minor flaws that don;t effect the game, it's just small things that could've been changed, but I cannot tell you how much I recommend this game to all you gamers!! Racing fans, and hardcore action gamers alike!!! Go and get it now!!

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Above Average

WHEELMAN is ok at best

posted by bubers (AKRON, OH) Apr 15, 2009

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OK I will start by saying this game is not as bad as some review on other sites say it is. First things first i beat this game in a little over 7 hrs (i did not do a lot of side missions) and it would have been shorter if not for one level(get to that later). Now down to the to the meat of the review.STORY: The story is not the best, think of it as a c list movie with over the top acting as long as you keep that in mind it is enjoyable. GRAPHICS:The graphics in this game go from ok when your driving to low PS2 quality when there is a cut scene. The world itself look pretty good. GAME PLAY: Just so you know to me this is the most important part of the game and this game is very easy to master and it is very hard to die. Now time for me to vent there is a level where you have to chase a train on a motorcycle (sound fun, right) This level show some of the games biggest flaws. For example when you start off the mission you try and catch up to the train easy, but then you get beside the train and people are shooting you from every different angle and my gun woult not target any of them. so i slowed down and i slowed the train slowed with me i almost stopped and i still ran into the back of it. (this was some of the worst game design i have ever played) And another flaw is at one point in the game I was getting chased and tried to hit my breaks and the car kept going as if i was on the gas also. My last complaint is that all the cars drive similar to each other and the do not drive any different when you have all you tires blown off. OVERALL: I would say this game make you feel like your making a low budget action movie but there are a lot of flaws to work through.

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Would Be a great game if I was 6

posted by Furrypatch (FOND DU LAC, WI) Apr 3, 2009

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Kids will love this game!! The game is completely low budget. The graphics are 5 out of 10. I think they spend more getting Vin then they did on the game. Most of the action is 80's arcade at best. And the gran turismo crashes really take away from what you think the game should be like. The only real crashes are those of the cars that you hit not the ones that you are driving. Top speed on a motorcycle into a parked car and all you do is slow down!! The physics of the cars is 5 out of 10. They should be better since this is a driving game.

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