Rent Whac-A-Mole for DS
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GF Rating

65 ratings

Gameplay Controls

GamePlay: Gesture Whacs:
Circle Whac: Draw a Circle Around the Mole.
Slash Whac: Draw a Diagonal Line Across the Mole, From Top Right to Lower Left.
Dash Whac: Draw a Quick Line Across the Middle of the Mole, Left to Right or Right to Left.

Control Stick Gameplay: When Mole Appears, Tap Mole With Stylus to Whac. Some Levels Require Gestures Instead of Taps (See GamePlay Above).
Control Pad Left/Right. Power-Up Cycle.
A Button Accept/OK
B Button Cancel/Back
X Button Power-Up Cycle Left
Y Button Power-Up Cycle Right
L Button Power-Up Activation
R Button Power-Up Activation