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Very Good

don't listen to the critic reviews

posted by Decoder (SOUTH PITTSBURG, TN) Sep 20, 2009

Member since Sep 2006

All the otjer reviews say that its fun but with loose controls or shoddy graphics. but i think its more about fun than anything. during the course of the game ive shot badguys off the roofs of cars speeding down the highway, skydived out of an explding plane over london, and put a sword up a gatling gun toting guy's private area
. hands down the game is a bloody ride through asia london and america. Also i forgot to mention the sound track is steller it fits perfectly with blazing fast action. during the game you get 3 different guns beside the pistols. the pistols have unlimited ammo the rest don't.
my only problems with the game is often confusing platforming sections every once and a while. but i seriously suggest renting this game for its relentless action don't listen to the critic reviews

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posted by ebook32 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Sep 20, 2009

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Member since Dec 2007

Kill Bill, if you liked that movie you'll like this game for some reason wet reminds of that movie enjoy

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Repetitive? i think not

posted by jimmerz42 (EAST SETAUKET, NY) Sep 19, 2009

Member since Feb 2006

wet has to be one of my favorite action shooters of this year. it has a great atmosphere, with the whole campy 70's look, awesome combat and creative level design. it is a platformer and a shooter, which i like. the slow motion shooting, for me, doesnt get old, its cool looking. the only problem is that that is the only way you can shoot. using the small circle aim is problematic and hard to aim. but the game makes up for it with the slow motion shooting, which is flawless. the acrobatics are fluid. this game to me is the equivalent to drakes: uncharted fortune, which was also a great game

overall, great game with just enough replayability and extras to keep the player happy for hours on end

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