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bitter sweet

posted by hotneokity (BRADLEY, IL) Dec 7, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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the game was fairly good but i didn't think they did as much as they could with the sword play and i didn't like how you have to buy upgrades for everything even for basic skills such as shooting from the pipe or off of ledges. the game also had its moments such as the way your able to slide down ladders and shoot and it had plenty of action but at times i felt the game was harder then it had to be like the respawning doors u had to knock out before u could even get started killing so u are running around for at least 15 minuets getting shot at and ur life bar is down to below half and then if ur lucky u can just pull a win out of ur butt overall i beileve that u should defently not waste ur money on buying this title but it is alright to rent i got at least 6 hrs of intertanment for said game thank you for reading review please leave coment

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Very Good

Incredibly fun - the perfect rental

posted by Vsonic (EAST STROUDSBURG, PA) Aug 29, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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Its a shame most people overlooked A2M's Grindhouse-inspired Bullet Time shooter when it released, because it turns out to be one of the most fun games of the entire HD Generation.

Now, granted, it's a little short. Its a tad repetitive. There's no multiplayer and you can argue that there are better shooters out there. So if any of that defines a "bad" game to you, than just move on.

The key to why WET is fun to play - and why it easily sidesteps the problems Stranglehold had, namely, overusing ONE gameplay mechanic to the point of tedium very quickly (the Tequila Time thing) - are its three core mechanics. Rubi's Bullet Time/multi-shot thing, the arena-like combat, and the combos. Also, there's some (admittedly sort of clunky) platforming there to help break up the otherwise monotonous level designs. But even the platforming is sort of fun, so another win for A2M's little violent shooter!

So in most Max Payne games, and rip offs like Dead to Rights and what have you, Bullet Time is sort of dictated by a refillable meter. Not so in WET, where you go into it every time you shoot whilst doing certain moves, such as dives. Also, she auto-targets one enemy with one of her pistols, freeing you up to hit whatever else with the other. This means you can go crazy with the stuff without having to worry about running out - it also encourages the use of Rubi's acrobatic moves, which leads me to...

The arena combat. Like MadWorld, places in this game are designed more like Tony Hawk skate parks than bland rooms. Encouraging you to get higher combos, explore the environment a bit and combo-link your flashiest moves together to kill people in ever more interesting ways. Really, its the combos that keep you coming back, as you always feel like - had you noticed that place to wall run earlier, or that pole to swing by - you could've done better with your kill combo.

Its simple, dumb entertainment, but man does it entertain. Not worth a buy for some, but a PERFECT rental.

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Fun... for a little while

posted by admphi (CENTERTON, AR) Dec 1, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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The game started out with an easy enough tutorial and plot but quickly became redundant, then boring. It gives you the 'sandbox' feel to the game but the more you play it, the more you are pulled into a linear plot and can only achieve your objectives the way the game wants you to.

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