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posted by bktbrando (GRANADA HILLS, CA) Sep 16, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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The Good---------

-The Gameplay runs really smooth. Shouldn't take you long at all to get the controls down. If you fully upgrade Rubi you'll have a lot more fun and tons more to do.

-Rage mode is exciting. The whole screen turns red and Rubi goes on a killing rampage. Things speed up, the music kicks in, and you go on a bloodlust. You can rake up a 60 chain kill combo pretty easy.

-The auto-aim and slow-mo feature is pretty nice. This game wouldn't have worked with out it. Once you have the acrobatics down playing areana mode is pretty fun. Which is where tons and tons of gunners/ guys with bats go after you and they continue to re-spawn. It's a nice time to accumulate "style" points.

-The game runs on rails. Normally I hate games that run on rails. But again it something that works for this game. Because it always keeps in you in the action and you always know where you are going.

The Bad-------------

-Take the "Film affect" off... Unless you want a headache. It was cool and different for the first 10 minutes. Then an hour later it gave me a headache.

-Still feel like they rushed it. I've discovered two bugs in the game. One of which leads to a crash. So just be ready to restart the system.

-You probably won't be urged to play this game over and over again. So play it on it's hardest difficulty then push it to the side. It's fun, but it's only fun once or twice through.

-Graphics are weak. After the "Film affect" is off. You'll be asking yourself "Is this Dreamcast?"

All in All-------------

-It will keep you entertained. This game has taken a long time to be realesed. Yes I do feel like they could have done more with it, but I do feel like they accomplished the tone and idea they were aiming for. Which is over-the-top senseless action, explosions, and gunplay. Glad I have Gamefly though. I don't think I would have bought it. I thought it was going to blow, but it's honestly a good rent.

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70's Kung Fu movie, turned into a game.

posted by SpasmFists (GLENDALE, AZ) Sep 14, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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First thing to say is: Extremely original. Great action game...but it gets repetitive.

Gameplay: Action/Shooting. Aerial shooting in slow motion, gets old.

Graphics: Average graphics, nothing to brag about. But cool noise filter look for an old looking style

Sound: Great! classic music, and voice acting is cheesy like a 70's kung fu movie.

Replay Value: Finish that game once, and get half way through your second time and stop.

Bottom line, good for a rental.

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Rent don't Buy

posted by MrBubbles (BROOKHAVEN, MS) Sep 23, 2009

Member since Dec 2006

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I rented this game not expecting to much from it. But what I got from it was a very satisfying 3rd person shooter experience

It's nowhere near perfect, but it does do some things right. I really liked the slo-mo combat and combo system, especially later in the game after you have upgraded Rubi's abilities.

The story mode was a little shorter than i would have liked. I ran through it on normal in about 5-6 hours. It took a little longer on hard, only because I was going for achievements. The boss fights were a big disappointment to me. Instead of actually fighting them, they are reduced to quick time events.

The graphics were decent, but nothing ground breaking. I did like the grindhouse look and feel of the game.

The soundtrack was great. It really fit into the whole look and feel of the game.

The story was all over the place. It had characters showing up with no explanation as to who they were. Other characters disappearing without any resolution to who they were, or where they went. When i replayed it I just skipped through all the cutscenes.

As for extra content, it has some concept art and sketches. As well as character bios. You can also unlock the boneyard challenges and points count mode once you complete the story mode.

In closing, Wet offers a very entertaining stylish shooting experience with a lackluster and short story mode. It is worth a rental, but not a purchase.

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