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Very Good

Good concept..

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Sep 17, 2009

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Which defines what you will, possibly only enjoy in this game. Wet's game interaction is of like a rough cut Prince of Persia, but with guns. The story resembles Indies Comedy, like the Big Lebowski/Revolver storyboard( Gangster over-exaggerations). Which had a small charm with its concept. The gameplay however, sucks.

You play as Rubi, a contract mercenary or Fixer. Rubi is a loner, and doesn't like to depend on anyone. Which she has a knack for doing jobs well and her own way, leaving everything dead behind her. Trained in Martial Arts and in fire arms, Rubi gets the job done, and no job is to big for her as long as it meets the right price.

Well the videos for the game look a lot better then the actual game play. Being a title from Bethedsa, you would have imagined the game would have been a bit more interesting for the gamer. The game isn't well rounded at all. The graphics are OK, but the characters motion sucks. The environments are well created with a very good appealing depth of color in all of them, but has a very small texture ratio, where they shader out everything all the time in the background.

Rubi doesn't really do much of anything that involves to much skill. You jump, it turns into slow-mo and you shoot. You slide on the ground it turns into slow-mo and you shoot. Then you hit one button to swing your sword and that is the game. You do that for 4 hours you beat half the game. The character models have no interaction with the environment. You slide into walls, you jump into walls, while in slow mo, but Rubi doesn't catch herself with no intuitive motions.

Rubi can also run on walls which isn't very dynamic as Prince of Persia. But once again you can run on walls, turns into slow-mo, and shoot. you do that 4 more hours you have finished the game. The game has a lot of charm to it, but they seemed to just not finish the motions at all. When you swing the sword its the same swing, the enemy says the same remarks over an over, sometimes it skips.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Rent to try... first...

posted by Snaptop (SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA) Sep 16, 2009

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Game was ok. It lacked style and gameplay. control are awkward. Better to rent first.

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