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Also on:Xbox 360
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posted by bdrummin (FORT COLLINS, CO) Sep 22, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

The game is fun and the slow motion is a cool effect but it gets very repetitive really fast. I played through four of the levels and now I find myself playing other games I own instead.

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Above Average

Thank goodness for Gamefly

posted by vlc1379 (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Sep 21, 2009

Member since Jan 2008

This is a rental only game! And you may not even want to do that. Lots of great ideas, poorly implemented. Horrible controls, choppy editing at times. The only way she can shoot well is when she goes into "bullet time". Wet plays like a whole series of challenge modes.

I gave this a 5 because of the graphics and style of the game and some of the music.
If your curious and in between games, give it a try, that's why Gamefly exists.

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GF Rating


It's a trap!

posted by TigerD (ALEXANDRIA, LA) Sep 21, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

You can have a pretty car with a great sound system, but it means nothing if the engine is busted. That's WET in a nutshell: stylish but rotten at the core.

The game is frustrating because you'll often have to come to a dead stop and crane the camera around trying to find out where to go next. I was stuck for an hour at one point because I couldn't spot the nearly invisible patch of fence I was supposed to slide under. The platforming sections just don't flow, and there's no sands of time rewind for ruby. If you mess up, you're starting over from the beginning of the section.

The combat is almost entirely in slow motion. Enemies can absorb insane amounts of punishment unless you get a headshot, so you basically have to jump and slide all over the place hoping your fancy acrobatics don't throw you off a cliff. Enemies get quite a few free shots at you, both from spawning in off camera and from Rubi's lack of any truly reliable defense.

Don't get WET.

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