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GF Rating


good game ruined by controls and camera

posted by MrOrange54 (RUTHERFORD, NJ) Sep 16, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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The game idea is kind of cool, the style is a mix of Kill Bill 1+2. I never really watched any spaghetti western/samurai movies other than KB so thats the only thing I can relate it to. The game does rip off KB when you enter Rage mode and the screen turns red/black...similar to the black/white of KB 1.
It is relatively short. The first day I had it, I finished 7 of 12 missions and started up the 8th in about 3 hours of total time playing the game.
The mechanics of the game was a great idea. You can dive, slide, or wall run while shooting. Doing this slows down the game, allowing you to aim at an enemy with the right analog stick. Since your character has two weapons at all times, the computer automatically targets an enemy with your characters opposite hand. This was a fun feature, and necessary to help you avoid the many bullets that will be shot at you throughout the game, but even with the slowing of the camera, you will find yourself being unpredictably shot.

There are so many enemies on the screen, yet you cant block. You can upgrade to the ability to dodge, but you can't shoot while dodging and you'll end up coming out of the dodge being hit by someone else.

The controls are very frustrating. You can climb many objects,walk on walls,swing on poles. Many times you find yourself wanting to do something and not be able to, while there will be other times when you don't want to do something and she will do it. The game included a way to see what items you can grab, so that you can jump to and from objects easily. This only works part of the time because the camera is sometimes just completely terrible. It doesn't help that your character moves so swiftly that the slightest movement has her falling off ledges or running into danger.

It could have been great if it weren't for the controls/camera. It isn't difficult, but you may end up dying a lot due to these problems.Then you have to load the checkpoint again, which is longer than it should.

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by Maevid (ATLANTA, GA) Jun 18, 2010

Member since Jan 2007

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

Neat idea, terrible execution. Levels are linear, full of visual noise, and frequently hard to figure out. Go play Stranglehold instead.

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GF Rating


Much potential, weak execution

posted by keiyume (MELBOURNE, FL) Oct 23, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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WET had a lot of potential. Ultimately, though, the game fell short in many areas.

The controls for the game were awkward. They were similar enough to games in the same vein, yet different enough to make it feel clumsy. The graphics were definitely weak for this generation and the storyline was lacking.

WET proved disappointing from the beginning. After dying, the game sends the player back to the beginning of the checkpoint. The game refused to let me skip early videos, but occasionally let me skip them later. The corny "commercials" were simply obnoxious and the sometimes overly cheesy bad film strip feel of the game occasionally left me feeling dizzy (although I've been known to experience simulator sickness when gaming before).

I found many glitches in the game, falling through doors to previous areas, freezing at loading screens, blanking out completely in game, etc. The game felt poorly tested from both a playability and human factors standpoint.

I finally got into the game over halfway through and found myself enjoying the experience up until the last chapter where everything felt hastily thrown together to fit too much in to too little time.

A big dislike of mine is quick time events, of which WET had plenty. Boss fights consisted entirely of QTEs.

Overall, I enjoyed the soundtrack and the voice acting provided by Eliza Dushku. WET did have some fun times (rage mode was excellent), but the overall experience was less than desirable. The best way I can describe this game is as a jumbled mix of Mirror's Edge and Kill Bill. If you like the shoot 'em up type of games and have nothing else to play, feel free to give it a try. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it.

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