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Above Average

WET: A good, fun RENTAL. Definitely do not buy.

posted by WhiteTiger (RENO, NV) Oct 2, 2009

Member since May 2008

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In WET, you play as 'Rubi', a gun-toting, sword-swinging mercenary with a chip on her shoulder. The game seems to be an amalgamation of the Kill Bill series, various John Woo titles, and the Max Payne series. It's 3rd person action, starring a tough female character. It uses slo-mo/bullet time effects, akimbo gun play, brutal sword play, a 'Rage Mode', and 'Acrobatic Combat' to mow down hordes of thugs.

It's a non-stop roller coaster ride of bloody violence. High action, very fun, and fairly fluid. The grainy film effect adds a little something, if you like that sort of thing. The soundtrack fits very well. The multi-targeting system works pretty well. It's a lot of fun cutting guys down with a big sword. Some of the advanced 'upgrade' techniques add a lot of fun flair to the action. The car chases can be cool.

Very, very repetitive. I can't stress this enough. Run through corridors killing mooks until you get to a final showdown where you're in an area where you need to kill massive amounts of bad guys while attempting to cut off their entry points. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is about 90% of the game.

Besides sword and pistols, Rubi gets access to a small arsenal, including a shotgun, a pair of SMG's, and an explosive crossbow. This would be cool, except her pistols have unlimited ammo, and these other weapons don't really add anything to the game.

Timed button pressing action. Too many of the would-be cool scenes rely on pressing various buttons at specific times... or Rubi dies. This can be cool if properly executed, but it really was not.

Boss villains. Pretty much EVERY boss fight in this game utilizes the cut-scene, timed button press approach. And some of them you don't even get to fight AT ALL! This was extremely disappointing.

WET had potential, but feels like a rush job. I recommend considering this title as a rental, but do not suggest owning. It's very short, and has little to no replay value.

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Very Good

stop your QQing!

posted by das99 (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Dec 19, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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i don't understand why so many pansies are crying about this game being bad and all. oh it's really repetitive... really?! 80% of the games out there are too. there's timed button scenes or else you die... for real?! you die? O.O i never would have guessed that you DIE because you FAILED to hit the button at the proper moment. the levels are hard to figure out where to go?! are you serious? there's only two ways - the way you came from and the way you have to go. how is THAT hard to figure out?! even the BOX tells you what to expect...

"OVER THE TOP acrobatics with a unique 360' gun targeting system, sword fighting, and acrobatic ability"

you QQers understand what "over the top" means? wacky, unconventional, unrealistic. l2read.

okay, enough of the sarcasm. the game isn't perfect, but it's hella fun. just watch a gameplay video. you slide down ladders upsidedown, guns firing, you can wallrun, flip off poles, slide, and other things while shooting... i mean, the game is fun. as far as ppl telling you NOT to buy it, i say BUY IT. it's LESS than $10. 5 different difficulty settings, the story mode, challenges, a killer soundtrack. it's worth that.

i would say this game's closest counterpart, minus the overtop gameplay, would be Dead to Rights. nonstop, repetitive firing and you know what? even Dead to Rights was an amazing game. repetition is only bad if the overall feel of the game sucks, and this one does NOT.

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Very Good

rediculously underrated!!!!

posted by jdel1972 (KENNER, LA) Nov 7, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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Is it the best game ever produced? no....Is it extremely entertaining with an amazing musical soundtrack? You bet it is!! i mainly rent games now, but out of all the games that i actually purchased, including la noire,heavy rain, red dead, drake's franchise and mass effect franchise, this is one of the few games that i just couldn't sell back. At the very least, rent it and see if it is worth it to you. If you decide that it's a" blank in a punch bowl"(line from the game), then my apologies, but i believe you will feel like it's 10-12 hours of your life that you won't need to try to get back....

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