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My Mii can skii!

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Feb 27, 2009

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Yes, We Ski is like Wii Play or Wii Sports, but with skiing. It's hard to elaborate on that concept, but let's try.
The Happy Ski Resort is the site of your skiing adventure. Several courses twist, turn and merge on the mountain. Each one of the courses has it's own personality. Some want you to go fast, some want you to keep your balance over difficult terrain, some want you to turn beyond all reason. Doing well on these courses gives you a grade, which earns you stars. Loading up on stars will give you new and special gear to put on your pint-size skier.
There are also a host of special missions along these courses which give you stars. These include pulling off specific tricks, racing, stopping in a circle, slalom, finding the lost kid in a crowd of snot-nosed skiers, etc.
In all there are 160 stars to collect, so completionists will have plenty to do. But what about the casual gamer? Well, you'll likely get bored with the game much sooner. Besides being a one-note kind of game (keep skiing down hills), it has a few technical flaws.
For instance, while the motion controls work alright while skiing, traversing level terrain is awkward and turning around seems more trial and error than anything. Also, the game will occasionally tell you that you didn't do any turns or pull off any tricks during a run, when you clearly remember doing such things.
Also, the rating system is dependent upon you doing well in all applicable categories. If you get an S+ in speed, time and balance, but get a D in turning, your overall score is a D. That kind of sucks.
It's a harmless little diversion with a simple learning curve, but has little else to offer. It's doubtful you'll care about getting all the stars and the rewards for doing so don't really help your performance. Rent this one first, see before you ski.

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The game was okay

posted by Amanda1212 (LUTHERVILLE TIMONIUM, MD) Jan 24, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

When i got this game i played it for maybe one hour then got bored of it.

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fun for about 30 min

posted by mets4life (FREDERICKSBURG, VA) Dec 11, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

good game for relizing the potentiel in sking games for the wii. fun for a min or two then you wish for more mountains, more control and better speeds, but game was fun for alittle while. like i said its a start of hopefully real life ski games for the wii.

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