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Great Game! Snowboarding RULES!

posted by Drezaric (WAUKESHA, WI) Feb 15, 2010

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If you're looking for a game that uses the Wii fit board, this is the one!
Game play is good, using the remote and nunchuk is a little awkward, the wire keeps getting in the way, though it gives me more incentive to try out one of those wireless setups for the game. It might just be my wiimote and nun, though sometimes the nun would be unresponsive during the play, unplugging and replugging it would make it work again.

There's so much to explore in this game, hidden rails and secret spots! You can enjoy the mountain trails or resort trails, there's even a great spot in the resort called Kangaroo that has tons of rails, jumps and even a halfpipe to enjoy, I've been spending a lot of time in that area, it's a fun area!

I do think they could have improved the controls on the wiimote, for some reason it seems a little slow to react to what you want it to do. some tricks are harder to pull off then others and learning the combo's of tricks can be a pain, spend lots of time in the school until you get them pounded into your head and you'll do great on the slopes!

You get 'points' for every heli ride, gondola ride, lift ride, times you fall, times you hit someone, it tracks your speed, you can keep track of almost everything within the game. There's a competition area where you can try your luck at beating other boarders, the first few are pretty easy, after that they get harder! You'll need lots of practice to beat some of them.

Fun part of the mountain is you can cause avalanches and try to out run them! Hopefully you don't fall while trying to keep ahead of it! hehehehe

I haven't tried the Skiing part yet, as I like snowboard so much more, so I can't really say much on that, though I'm sure it's just as much fun for someone who likes to ski.

All in all, a great game, just what I've wanted for my Wii fit board! This one goes on the list of must buy!

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GF Rating


Good Sequel

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Mar 9, 2009

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I remember last year when We Ski came out and it was pretty cool. It had a few maps that you could ride on and a few other small things that were kind of cool. It didnt have snowboarding though. From the title you can notice that this one has both which is really nice. Some other things this has is a School mode which basically tells you the controls and everything. It has some new things you can do as side missions which is nice since the last game had pretty boring side missions. The graphics are pretty basic Wii graphics. The controls are good and identical to the last game besides the snowboard addition. You can now listen to some songs while snowboarding down the mountain which is really nice since you cant play music while in everything like the Xbox. But the music is, well, not the typical music you would listen to, but i guess its better than nothing. This still doesnt have online for some reason which doesnt make sense, but you can still play with somebody else on the same TV. So overall this game is really good sequel to the last one and is a good buy. If you already have the last one, unless you have some extra spending money, i suggest you dont get this one and just rent it. Try it out today.

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GF Rating

Very Good

a blast to play!

posted by hobieone (LAS VEGAS, NV) Apr 26, 2009

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Member since Oct 2008

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this game was a lot of fun to play! especially down the mountain with no trails and you had cut your own trail make for an exciting run.

the game has average graphics but what really makes it stand out is the support for the balance board the controls being easy to get a hang of. this is one game that needs to be played with the balance board which lets you get immersed in game play. Also the incorporation of the mi's and all the fun mini games make this tittle very fun and gives it re playability.

it definitely a game to have in your library if you have the balance board or like games with some freestyle fun

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