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Wii golf games are getting closer, but not fast

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Aug 30, 2008

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Camelot games are known for their quality and style when making games for Nintendo's consoles. This one may be the only exception. While the root of the game is better than almost all other Wii golf games (Perhaps Tiger 09 is best, but haven't played it yet) but it still falls short.

The game is easy to navigate through, and has a fair amount of game modes including online. The online is a big draw to this game as it's done very well, and finding players is, for the most part, quick. The other modes are variations of mini games we've all seen before (Closest to the pin, target driving, etc.) but nothing stands out. In fact, some are annoying enough to want to just turn it off. Tournament play and online play are enough to satisfy most, at least for a little while.

The control set up is done well, but at best just a replacement for button pressing by swing the WiiMote. Just like Hot Shots Golf, you time your power, then your accuracy by pulling the Wiimote up, then swinging it at the right time. The speed or length of which you do it is irrelevant.

With a fair amount of unlockables, and the easy pick up and play game style makes this game attractive for some. The game is certainly easy to master, but only minor challenges outside online play will keep you going. Graphically speaking, it's nice and smooth, but nothing that will draw your attention to.

I enjoyed the four or five hours I put into the game, although I couldn't justify must more than that. Good game for parties, but I'm waiting for a game closer to a true golf simulator, and takes advantage of the Wii more properly. It's worth a try, but if you're Q is full, keep this at the bottom.

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Very Good


posted by Pasero (AUSTIN, TX) Aug 9, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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This is so far one of the better golf games i have played on the Wii.

The controls are very easy to use the key is to go slow.
To hit the ball you have to swing back at a steady pace hold at where you want your power to be and when the meter catches up swing.
If you put spin on the ball pointing the remote at the screen it will give you an idea of how it will fall and roll. There is a line after impact just line it up with the hole and most of the time it's dead on.

There is a little wiimote guy you'll get sick of after a minute just point at the screen and in the upper left corner is a menu option where you can turn it off.

If you unlock all the golfers you can play with your mii's in single player. You can unlock them in multiplayer as well. I played one round with friends and by the end it was unlocked.

On the whole there isn't much to this game you can get more golfers, courses, and clothing. There are your usual golf sub-games. But that's what makes this game better than most. They focused more on the game aspects and not flair.
I can see children getting bored with it quickly. It's more of a (20's-30's) social hanging out with friends game.

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posted by Coaster (EAU CLAIRE, WI) Jul 19, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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I did not like this game at all. I found the control system unintuitive, inaccurate, tiring, grueling and nearly impossible to perfect.

Gosh darn it! Where's my full blown Wii Sports Golf game!? This isn't it.

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