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Very Good

That's right!!! We love Golf

posted by mscyndia (ATLANTA, GA) Dec 20, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

My boyfriend loved playing through rounds during hours of play. I just wished we could have used our custom Miis. But overall, this game is great!!!

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Pasero (AUSTIN, TX) Aug 9, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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This is so far one of the better golf games i have played on the Wii.

The controls are very easy to use the key is to go slow.
To hit the ball you have to swing back at a steady pace hold at where you want your power to be and when the meter catches up swing.
If you put spin on the ball pointing the remote at the screen it will give you an idea of how it will fall and roll. There is a line after impact just line it up with the hole and most of the time it's dead on.

There is a little wiimote guy you'll get sick of after a minute just point at the screen and in the upper left corner is a menu option where you can turn it off.

If you unlock all the golfers you can play with your mii's in single player. You can unlock them in multiplayer as well. I played one round with friends and by the end it was unlocked.

On the whole there isn't much to this game you can get more golfers, courses, and clothing. There are your usual golf sub-games. But that's what makes this game better than most. They focused more on the game aspects and not flair.
I can see children getting bored with it quickly. It's more of a (20's-30's) social hanging out with friends game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

"We Love Golf"? I just like it a lot

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 22, 2008

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Love Golf? Maybe not. But there are several things that I like a lot out of We Love Golf.
First off, the controls are easy to use. Are they intuitive? No. But it was easy for me to find out how they work, and once I did, I was hitting the ball like a pro.
The courses have good variety in them, and there are plenty to unlock in Tournament Mode.
But that's not the only mode available. You can practice, go one on one against the AI to unlock more players, take on the ring challenge, the target challenge or the near pin contest.
If you're tired of playing against the AI, you can go off line multiplayer or on line multiplayer.
So is everything perfect in We Love Golf? Of course not.
During matches, while I'm trying to line up my shots, the Wiimote repeatedly says "Point me down." This gets on my nerves; I wanted the voice in the Wiimote to just shut up.
Also, there's a icon of the Wiimote on screen with a dialogue bubble that blocks out important information (how far am I from the pin). The icon doesn't help me at all, it's just a distraction and should be taken off the screen.
And lastly, the game can get monotonous; unlocking new characters or new outfits doesn't thrill me much - unlike unlocking a new course.
Despite these flaws, We Love Golf is a solid golf simulator with a learning curve for the controls.

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