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"We Cheer" so you don't have to.

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 17, 2008

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2 4 6 8! What game's not that great?
Hold on a second, let me explain.
I like the foundation of We Cheer; turn players into cheerleaders trying to raise team spirits by using the Wiimotes as Pom Poms. It's been a while since I've seen a game make good use of the Wiimotes.
There are many songs available, but most of them are locked, and unlocking them is a pain.
Which brings us to the main problem of We Cheer - how the game actually plays.
In each level, the game will give you a series of motions you have to make with the Wiimotes. These moves include, but are not limited to, straight up/down/left/right motions, diagonally straight motions, circular motions, wavy lines, and arcs.
Problem is, not only do you have to use the proper control(s) and move them in the proper fashion, you also have to match the speed, too.
This made the game very, very hard; it's far too easy to get several "miss"es in a row.
Compounding the problem are the messages I get when I miss. Sometimes the game says I have to do a particular motion "a bit harder". What does that mean?
And for the game to work, the Wiimotes have to be precisely tuned into the game, and they're not. The up and down motions are jerky and inaccurate.
This could have been a great game if it weren't looking for perfection from me an my badly calibrated Wiimotes.
I say skip We Cheer unless you're a hardcore cheerleader.

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posted by ps2fanatic (SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY) May 27, 2010

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The best game on Wii so far.

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challenging fun-definitely a keeper

posted by shiachia (HOLLISTER, FL) Jul 18, 2009

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This game is so challenging that it took me weeks to clear the easiest of the championship competitions. My 6 year old is almost able to complete one. Luckily, there is a "cheer off" where she can always do well, as well as the workouts where she can win new uniforms. Unlike All-Star Cheer Squad, this game is cheerleading dance routines, not the normal cheers. This means great music and lots of movements where you follow the cheerleaders. Do it for a few songs, and you break a good sweat. We ended up keeping this one.

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