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Way of the Samurai 3


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Not worth a rental

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Nov 21, 2009

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I didn't play very much so I can't give a terribly indepth review, what I have managed to do however points out serious major flaws in the game.

So nice stuff first, the graphic value isn't very high but it's good enough. Combat is very basic but works fairly well. There is basically no voice acting in this game besides the cut scenes. This is good and bad, you are not listening to japanese and reading what they say, but it seriously does not put you in the game either.

Bad stuff, basically everything. The graphic value isn't very high, but considering the fact that everything is so small you couldn't see details anyway. The basic area you wander around in barely changes from area to area, basically you either have buildings or you don't. There may or may not be a block button, I couldn't find one and while the autoblock function was on it never blocked anything. Basically if you actually get this your never blocking anything as near as I can tell.

The map is worthless, the icon for where you are is very small the icons for other things is very small and I didn't notice it even giving an indication of which direction you were facing. It may though I never looked either. The map itself is rendered small so everything lumps on top of everything else. There is no indication of where you can go to go to this place or that place, you simply are forced to wander around and see if the right place pops up when you reach a travel area.

The absolute worst part of the entire game, besides the basic lack of a story at the beginning.conversations are rendered on the basic play screen, small I mean smaller than the characters hand small lettering. It may be better on a HDTV but it's basically unreadable without getting very close to your screen.

Not worth a rental, not worth buying, not even worth coaster duty. Deserves to be buried in New Mexico with E.T. The Video Game.

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posted by rick42271 (LEMOORE, CA) Nov 5, 2009

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This game had great potential. One place lacking is the Jobs. You have to do way to much searching for targets. This slows the flow of the game way down and becomes so frustrating at times that is takes the fun right out of being a samurai. The games graphics are beautiful but does not carry the game once you play the for a couple of hours. This game is not for the causal gamer. My opinion is only die hard fans of the series will enjoy this game fully.

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Surprisingly dissapointed

posted by chingle (OAK PARK, IL) Oct 27, 2009

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I'm going to start off by saying how surprised I was when I first played this game. I was surprised on how a game so poorly constructed could even make it on the shelves. This game had so much potential, but it just didn't make the cut. The traditional hack and slash X to attack LB to block, plus poor voice acting glitchy movement and overall confusing gameplay makes Way of the Samurai 3 get a 5/10.

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