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An accurate review

posted by DailyOD (URBANDALE, IA) Oct 25, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

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First off, Way of The Samurai 3 is not as bad as some people are making it out to be. The people who don't like this game either haven't played the others in the series, or don't have an appreciation for Japanese games.


If you have played one of the earlier games, it's for the most part, the same. For those new to the series, let me explain. You play as a lone samurai trying to find a purpose to fight for. In the game there are different factions to chose from which all have a different view on how things should be handled. Once you decide who to align yourself with, you complete various jobs for that faction to earn trust and move up in rank. Some missions are very repetitive, but they usually don't take to long to complete.

Each mission you complete, and the method in which you complete it, all effect the how NPCs treat you and how the game will end, so be careful what you do.

My Rating- 6/10
Comments- I love the concept and always have, but I wish they would change things up a bit.


The combat system is pretty straight forward, X for quick attacks, and Y for strong attacks. It may seem a bit bland, but each weapon has a different style which allows you to learn unique skills that will come in handy in some of those tough fights.

My Rating- 4/10
Comments- As I said before, the combat is very bland. I wish there was more depth to it besides the skill system.


Overall I would give the graphics a five. I am playing in 1080p and to me it looks close to the PS2 versions when I play them upscaled. However, they are not unbearable. The environments, I thought, were pretty nice, the colors were vary vibrant and the textures were nice. As far as the characters, their movements are very fluid, but they could have used some work in the cosmetics department.

My Rating- 5/10
Comments- Graphics aren't a deciding factor for me, but if you're not up for an upscaled PS2 look, then this game is not for you.

This game is worth: RENTING

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Hello Mr. Samurai

posted by Shakeness (SAVANNAH, TN) Apr 5, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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This is a game that doesn't reach out to a lot of people. You will either either love it or hate it. I'm a fan of the WoTS series, but I'm aware that it is for a particular bunch. The graphics are poor for a 360 title. Character models are below average and the environment is bland. For an open world game, the world you play in is very small. There are only a handful of places you will travel to and you will travel to these same locations often. The jobs that are offered may be my least liked feature of the game. You will be stuck doing the same kinds of jobs over and over again and it becomes very repetitive and boring after awhile. I completely avoided doing any jobs in my last few playthroughs.

But beyond the graphical and environmental limitations, there is a pretty deep game. How many games will you find with over 20 different endings? The difference between this and other open ended games is that in WoTS3, you create your own story. It's like one of those choose your own adventure books you read as a kid. Pretty much every decision you make can impact the ending. Some endings will have you living happily ever after and in others you will be cut down like a dog. And you wont know which till you get there.

The combat in this game is good after you get used to it. You have light and hard attacks and many different combinations depending on the sword and stance. You can kill any character you encounter and pick up their sword, but you may rather build your own sword from the ground up using a countless combination of blades, grips, pommels, and stances. My favorite feature in this game was being able to reuse my character with all weapons, money, and items from a previous game to start a new game.

This is a game that takes a little bit of patience to get into. If you like open ended games where your decisions can lead to many different endings, this game may be for you.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game

posted by Zilego (CONCORD, NC) Nov 9, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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I really enjoyed this game, and to keep it short, the game's greatest pro is its great detail. From sword styles like ninja stance to the games detailed story where the story changes completely depending on your choices. The customizable character models and accessories is a wonderful bonus. This game is by far the greatest in making the world change by your choices.
The only downside for me was the fact, while combat was very fun, I found enemies less than plentiful. You end up most of the time watching cut-scenes and making choices. There are certain moments where you fight never-ending waves of enemies, but they are usually only at a few key moments.
This game is probably not for someone who only has an hour or two to play, but for a hardcore gamer, I definitely recommend a try.

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