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Watchmen: The End is Nigh - Part 1 & 2


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Good old fashioned beat'em up

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Jul 21, 2009

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I am a Watchman fan, so when the game came out for download all those months ago, I played the first part and liked what they did with the story. It's a very simple game where you play as either Rorshach or Night Owl before gov't legislation has banned masked heroes as they beat up scum and try to solve a mystery that's deeper than they realize.

Again, this is a very simple game where you walk forward, beat some guys up, repeat ad nauseum. The brutal Rorshach animations and electrical fun of Night Owl just doesn't get old tho as you're smashing anything that moves, almost always several up to many enemies at a time. The controls seems simple but take a measure of control as there are VERY important counters to be done along with earned combo moves you can unlock thru minor collecting, usually just slightly off the main path. Not too serious. The characters play fairly differently so it comes down to style as to which you like better. Rorshach is more about starting slow and finishing brutal where Night Owl is about tactical strikes and immobilizing your foes.

I enjoyed the game. It reminded me of the old side scrolling beat em ups on the 8 and 16-bit systems that were usually a lot of fun. You have to like the style, but the license is handled intelligently, the voice acting is good, and the fun lasts a good 8 hours or more (I'm guessing with the addition of Part II). Co-op wasn't online before and it should have been. Other than that, good game.

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Watch me beat em up!

posted by aroness26 (FRESNO, CA) Sep 30, 2009

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Watchmen is one of my favorite stories of all time, the movie was fantastic but does that mean the game is? Simply put its a good old fashioned beat em up game.
The story taking place before the Watchmen were banned I thought was a great idea. During this period of time their is a huge area that you can explore and see when these heroes were in their prime. If they had based it off the film it would of been a failure I believe.
What I loved was that the story was both different and very similar to watchmen still having that same rugged theme but telling a new story but keeping familiar characters from the comic.
When I saw the film my favorite character was Nite Owl and my best friends favorite was Rorschach. When we started playing we were so excited to be playing those characters in this game!
Each has their own different unique style of combat,Nite Owl having a martial arts meets gadgets to Rorschach using a more brutal beat the heck out of your opponents style.
However in this game all you can really do is beat people up and continue down the story. Yes I wish they had added more but myself personally I found it to still be very satisfying and a lot of fun nonetheless.
The art style of it and graphics fit the concept of Watchmen perfectly, people mite say they could of been better but they fit the mood and style in a great way.
Overall I really enjoyed this game. Some times you want a game that is just a good beat em up type of game and that's what this is. Its not a game where you have millions of things to do and you do very little fighting, fighting is the heart of this game.
This game stays true to its roots, for that I respect it and will always enjoy it.

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Above Average

Worth the rent, give it a shot.

posted by vonAwesome (MILFORD, MI) Apr 3, 2011

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If you love the Watchmen universe it's definitely worth the rent. It's not incredibly in-depth but it's a fun brawler that definitely makes you feel like you're in the world.

The cut-scenes are brilliant motion comics that in any other game would have been cheesy, but were perfect for the world of Watchmen.

Nite Owl and Rorschach both had incredibly different feels and both were a thrill to play as (but, naturally, I preferred Rorschach.) The different abilities and combinations were fantastic, and the way you could string together different combinations was unique.

But if you're not much of a Watchmen fanatic then I'm afraid to say this game might not be for you. Stripped down it's really a very basic brawler. All of the enemies are essentially the same and there is only one boss per Part and the bosses are not much harder than regular enemies.

The achievements are very annoying if you like to have an even Gamerscore. They distribute points in 2s and 8s and 11s. Which can get very frustrating.

Another issue is the sparse checkpoints. It's infuriating to fights of waves of weak enemies but end up getting overwhelmed by a whole army of thugs and are forced to fight the same weak waves of enemies all over again.

With that being said, it's an above average game. Don't buy it by any means, but it is definitely worth trying out and feeling nostalgia with the characters.

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