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Very Good

Awesome game

posted by colemoore (CARTERVILLE, IL) Jul 13, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Some of these other reviews are completley wrong in my opinion. The story is amazing but it is a little hard to follow. If you dont want to get lost and follow the story then do all free roam after you beat it becuase you will get lost. If you do manage to follow the story the game is awesome. Theres is some cons to it though. The game to me feels unfinished. The driving is cartoony and you cant shoot out the window while driving which is kind of a bummer. The gameplay like i said feels unfinished. I definatley reccomend renting this game unless you have friends to play multiplayer with.

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Not exactly what I had hoped for.

posted by Derrick84 (TEXARKANA, TX) Jul 1, 2014

Member since Jul 2010

When I first saw this at E3 I was beyond excited, now that I own it, the excitement slowly turned into depression. I have this for the Xbox One and it feels very last gen, I bought a Next Gen console to play Next Gen games and this just didn't feel like a step forword. If there is anything to blame it would be the cross platforming of games being on last and next gen at the same time, if Watch Dogs was a Next gen only title I have no doupt it would be better. Sadly devs are making the same game for all platforms, so the people on High Powered PCs are playing a game that looks like the Xbox 360 version which just ruins everything.

Pro: In my opinion,
-The side missions are decent
-The story is not the worst but not the best either
-The running and combat is smooth once you have the controls down
-The multiplayer is fun if you know what to do and what not to do.

-The driving is just simply poor and quite obvious that the game is not focused on the driving.
-The graphics are truly last gen and makes me wish I just rented it instead.
-The train stopping on the tracks is the worst sound.. ever..
-Every other con that other gamers are saying about this game.

I can honestly say I will be trading this in for the HD remake of GTA V.

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Very nice GTA clone

posted by MajorP (WESTMONT, IL) Jun 24, 2014

Member since Oct 2010

It is a nice game but there is little new here. GTA V is more developed and polished. There is simply more in the GTA world that there is to see and do here.

The hacking thing is not always helpful and not properly fleshed out. You can't hack your way through the game in a stealthy way. You almost always end up shooting it out.

Nice but not great.

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