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Not bad, could be better

posted by Generias (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) May 28, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

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Watch Dogs is a great game, if you can get past the loading screens, and I mean that both figuratively and literally. I like the game, but it loads so much, so often, for so long, it's pitiful. One moment I'm driving on a high speed chase, barreling through the city, and then the game seemingly freezes because... Why? I'm driving a motorcycle, about to go through a barrier, with plans to slow time, look back, and activate a barrier to stop a cop car so I can make my grand escape. But I'm on a road, and bam, frozen, or so I think until I see the loading icon.

Why did it load? It's an open world, so it occasionally needs to slow down and render for a few seconds, or minutes, or half an hour, or a day and a half to add and render a pedestrian five miles from where I am. Death and failure come at a painful cost, because if you fail, it's back to a loading screen for a couple of minutes.

I'm sure this issue is fixed in the other versions, but the 360, at least, needs some work. Maybe break the island up into sections and load them individually instead of all at once. I had to stop the game twice, and the second time, I put it out in the mail.

On the plus side, my first attempt lasted about four hours of driving around, stopping gangs, and doing occasional story missions when I'm not powering up my hacking abilities. But I finally unlocked Blackout, and boom, I'm suddenly stuck with the loading screen of Damocles.

The shooting was good, for what few shooting parts I went through.

The stealth was my bread and butter. In the tradition of modern games, you don't get a lot of health, or visible hit points, so if you get into a firefight, duck behind cover or you're dead in just a few short moments.

The hacks, awesome, I used them all the time, to stop the police, and steal money from bank accounts. You'll use them often.

All in all, a great game potential-wise. But the loading screens killed my experience.

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GF Rating


Terrible, Unplayable

posted by dlman91 (MANOR, PA) Jul 29, 2014

Member since Oct 2010

I kept getting an error causing my game to restart. A quick Google search revealed that a patch was supposed to be released for it but hasn't, thus rendering my game completely unplayable (you would have the game autosaved and then stuck in a loop of error messages). There's absolutely no excuse for that.

Oh, and the game was boring before that anyways.

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It's alright.

posted by Engage (EL CERRITO, CA) Jul 26, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

The game is alright. The driving system is really messed up , and it kind of gets boring after a while. I already got bored of the campaign, and I am not even done halfway with Act 2. I would not recommend keeping the game, just try it out for a week or two.

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