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Very Good

The hype is justified

posted by Arshus (GREENWOOD, IN) May 29, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

7 out of 12 gamers (58%) found this review helpful

Watchdogs is the one game from E3 that was talked about over and over. Finally, after a few minor setbacks its here. That being said lets get to it.
Aiden Pearce is our main character. He is solid as a front man to this title that most will undoubtedly connect with. Utilizing a smartphone to hack almost any and everything connected to the net is impressive and very rewarding. From residents dirty little secrets, to camera systems, bank accounts, ATMs, car alarms, communication systems, the Chicago transit systems including bridge control, traffic lights, and many more.
Granted all of these wonderful abilities are not yours to start off with. There are skill trees (hacking, combat, driving, crafting) skill points, and a leveling system.
There are plenty of things to do to acquire SP. Scanning for crimes, hacking net towers, PvP online (getting to that) is most rewarding. There is plenty of content. To attempt to cover it all cannot be done in this review. Rest assured that you will find plenty to do.
Online is much like cat and mouse. Either your being hacked or your doing the hacking. Their are races as well but the cat and mouse games are where its at. Again to much content to cover. One more thing. PS3 will not have a free roam or the 8 vs 8 Decryption modes. That is for the PS4 and Xbox 1
Graphics are stellar. Tons of eye candy. Detail, detail, and detail. The effort to put Watchdogs together needs to be studied and duplicated for all other games. Anything less is just unacceptable for my $60.
Sound FX. Again, detail, effort, professionalism. Cut scenes are spot on. Music, across the board is decent. Wish I could upload my own but I'm satisfied.
Story is good. Not to cliche. Kind of felt a Batman element here but I'm good with that. Characters are involving gripping, and solid.
Game play is good. The city is your playground.
Out of room. Good, fun, original. Rent it, love it, buy it. Thanks for your time. Hack on!

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GF Rating


10 stars

posted by Mr_Sato (MANNINGTON, WV) May 31, 2014

Member since May 2014

5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

A lot of people have compared this game to GTA5 and give there reviews based off of what they think it should be like. The truth is its not GTA 5 so stop treating it like it is. This is watchdogs an excellent game where you can do your own thing you can be a vigilante or a menace to society. Though people say the driving is cartoonish I feel its better this way makes it easier to handle the car and to use you hacking ability on the move. The story line is only 5 acts long and is based on revenge but the overall gameplay takes far more than a couple of hours you can unlock new missions by finding the collectibles such as shutting down kidnapping and prostitution rings, as well as finding a serial killer. There is a lot more to this game than merely playing the story.

Also for those of you that want to know more about the music its just like a playlist off your iphone or whatever you skip songs and edit your playlist and it carries over to your cars as well. you can find new music by hacking into phones on the street or stereos in some stores. They have a lot of old but good songs.

This game also has hidden easter-eggs of other games. A couple I found were references to Assasins Creed and Raving Rabids. I'm sure there are more as well.

for my ratings I give graphics a 9.5
story 10
controls 8.5

My advice to you all who want to enjoy this game as it was meant to be enjoyed, Stop comparing it to other titles and play this game. Judge for yourselves if its as good as GTA 5 or whatever in my opinion its way better than GTA 5.

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GF Rating


Just Another Bad Ripoff

posted by Leo_Bottoms (LA HABRA, CA) Jul 8, 2014

Member since Jan 2013

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Grand Theft Auto 4 appears to be popular during the game's production, or at least that's what I can surmise from the boring and outright lifted gameplay that pales in comparison. The control scheme is quite different, in that the controls are not conducive to shooting which is approximately 60 percent of the game and the driving mechanics are like every road is paved with ice which is another 30 percent. Want to reload? Click the left stick. And you'll need to reload a lot because bullets aren't very effective against guys wearing hoodies. Want to powerslide? Don't try, you're going to spin out of control and probably flip your car. The last 10 percent is hacking minigames, which are by far as simple as pressing the square button to do an action that has very limited effects, in that they are limited to scripting events where the game mandates you press the square button to continue.

As for the story, it is boring, convoluted, filled with characters who are stereotypes of what is popular of the current age such as the Lisbeth character from Girl With The Dragon Tattoo shoehorned in for a few bit pieces and the handicapable hacker.

The game essentially goes out of it's way to not be fun. It's not just that they aren't trying to make the game fun, the developers actively made the game less fun. It's very advisable to play offline to make the game less annoyingly because if you do not then other "hackers" will intrude into the game to interrupt your commute to the next mission and force a 5-10 minute search for them before they can get points at no cost to yourself. This system is not fun for the player as the winning or losing grants no long-term benefits. The game may be a "sandbox" in that you can travel anywhere on the streets in the game world but that sandbox has nothing much to do in it.

In short: Don't buy the game or play it. It's sub-standard and actively goes out of its way to be not fun and not enjoyable. The game developers don't WANT you to hav

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