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insanely great

posted by taconater (MAMMOTH, AZ) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Jun 2006

great game i recommend it to anyone who enjoyed "naval ops warshipgunner" which I also recommend be warned because if you save on your regular file while playing survival you may have to start your game all over again i did
p.s. remember kids underage cigar
smoking is against the law so smoke
salami or nothing at all! if you play the secret missions youll know what i'm talking about

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Very Good

Pretty fun, lots of waiting for combat

posted by bigdog63 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Dec 29, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

It was quite an intense game at times and really fun. There were a lot of options to arm your ship. There were countless options for propulsion and systems. It seems overwhelming at times but it leads to different ways to defeat your enemies. If you did what i did and repeat a lot of the previous levels to get money for weapons you won't have a problem with the bosses at the beginning. However they quickly gain outside help from other units as well as their weapons getting stronger. One of the major flaws though is that you have to wait for a few minutes at times to fire a single shot. But at times the waiting is worth it because it gives you time to grab health and ammo as well as decide which enemies to engage. The storyline has three paths, I was only able to unlock two and the third one I have yet to start. The storyline doesn't distinguish itself but it does provide some entertainment as you complete the missions. Overall though it is a fun game with numerous ways to finish missions. I would recommend it to those who are willing to wait for intense battles as well as good water physics. Have fun!

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If you really want to know what this game is like.

posted by thebob (SHAKOPEE, MN) Oct 30, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

I feel like this game has been poorly created. U have to read what the character is saying in a Anime style that gets old after a while. It only took me an hour and half of mind melting reading before I had a chance to actually steer a ship. The control setup was very complex and hard to coordinate. I paid more attention on remembering witch button did what, than I did on the hoards of apposing gunner ships shooting at me. After two and a half hours of finger cramping button pushing, I finally got to build my own ship. Just when I thought it was getting interesting, I got struck with a ship building tutorial that took forever. After starring blankly I felt like I kept playing just to see if it got better. After doing twenty minutes of more mind melting reading, I had to figure out how to build the ship myself. I think the ship building process is too complex. Too complex in fact a brain Surgent would start crying because he couldn't figure it out. Just to give you an idea on how I feel about this game, the only fun part of this game is the game play and that had finger cramping button pushing. This game could have been put together better by a autistic person with the brain capacity of a tree year old. I would rather play dance dance revolution than war ship gunner. It should have been called bore ship gunner. I wish I could get that six hours of my life back. It's simply too complex for it's own good. They could have cut down on the complexity of it and thrown in a narrator so my eyes wouldn't bleed from all the reading. Maybe even some characters who had more than two facial expressions and actually spoke for them selves. I want a war game the grabs me by the short hairs. Not one that makes me push my imagination to the limit. I didn't feel like I was steering a floating messenger of death. I felt like I was steering an r/c boat in a puddle at best.

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