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Warship Gunner 2

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Concentrate on adding as many boilers and turbines in the early stages for maximum speed. Do not forget to add smokestacks to vent all those boilers. In the R&D section, use your money to research the most powerful engines and turbines available for the hull you have. For the first third of the game, do not bother adding armor as it will only slow you down. The faster you can move, the harder it is for them to hit you


As soon as the revolving guns are available, place as many on the ships hull as possible. It makes ship to ship combat much easier. The average destroyer can hold up to five of the 57MM on deck. Forget about the traditional cannons, as their rate of fire is far too slow. The revolving guns are very powerful and rarely run out of ammunition. The only downside is that you must get in fairly close for them to be effective. Race up next to enemy ships and hammer them and they will be destroyed quickly and generally cannot fire back due to the close range. Upgrade the size/caliber of the revolving guns whenever possible in the R&D section. Once the wave guns are available, add one or two to take out entire fleets, then use the revolving guns to take out the survivors. A combination of wave gun and revolving guns can take out anything in the game.

R&D Section

Research engines, artillery (guns), systems, and hulls in that order. Save your money and spend it only on the most powerful items you can afford or that are available for what you are researching. After just a few missions, you should be able to afford researching battleship and battlecarrier hulls. Remember to also research engines, turbines, smokestacks, and bridges for the hulls you are researching.

Maximum missions rewards

Complete both primary and secondary tasks during each mission, and destroy all ships and aircraft in the area before you withdraw. Collect all floating crates that contain bonus items. If the mission is accomplished before you have destroyed everything, do not select "Withdraw". Stay on the level until everything floating and flying is gone, then withdraw using the options screen. More often than not, you will receive an "S" rating and get special access to weapons, hulls, etc.


The most effective strategy is to match their speed if possible and get up right next to them. Then, attack them up with the revolving guns. Most of the Supership's weapons are long range, and they cannot lock on and fire if you are directly beside them. Do not fire from long range unless you are using a wave gun.