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Warriors: Orochi


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Good graphics, bizarre concept

posted by vorpalbuni (ALHAMBRA, CA) Mar 1, 2009

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While I look forward to better graphics in these next generation WARRIORS games, neither this nor DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 has gotten close to the pure joy i've gotten out of DYNASTY WARRIORS 5 and every previous version of the game (besides the original, obviously). This bizarro mash-up also includes a crazy alien race, which throws the whole point of the game out of whack, and everyone is excessively chatty. And the switching between three heros in the middle of battle makes it feel more like a Mario or Zelda game than a single--player hack n slash. Hopefully, these guys will get it right someday. Until then, I'll happily play my old used discs on my PS2.

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No more strategy

posted by Jafo187 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Sep 16, 2008

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The graphics were O.K and the story... well who cares... my main problem was that this was a Dynasty/Samurai mash yet for some reason they tossed out all the strategy elements of Samurai (and just kept the characters) e.g. you cannot command your generals to attack other bases, create alliances, call for reserves etc... So all the strategy guys who liked SW (like me) sorry but it is now a plain hack and slash a pretty decent hack and slash but if you were into the strategic elements of Samurai W you too will be disappointed.

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Prepare your thumbs for ultimate button-mashing

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Sep 25, 2007

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For anyone that just couldn't decide whether they like Samurai or Dynasty Warriors better, now you can have both! The evil end boss bad guy creates a rift in time and summons all of the warriors from Ancient China and Feudal Japan (or at least all the ones from the previous games) to challenge for ultimate... well, I don't know. The story is kind of convoluted and, to be honest, I really don't understand what the dude is trying to accomplish.

Anyhow, this game plays much like any of the other games in this series, and that means lots of button-mashing through hundreds of on-screen enemies. This time, however, they've added special character class moves (either power, speed, or technique), and you can form a group of 3 characters to bring into battle instead of the usual 1. There are lots of characters that can be unlocked throughout the game also (77 total, I believe). This gives you a lot of options and lets you create the ultimate dream team of your favorite characters from the two series.

Some downers, though, are the lack of graphical beauty you should demand from a next-gen game and a lack of online play. Granted, the graphics aren't BAD, they just aren't next-gen like they should be. I think maybe that's why this game retails for $10 cheaper than an average 360 game, maybe? The game offers two-player co-op play, but STILL isn't online like it really should be by this point.

Also, I miss the "Empires" mode, which adds an extra dash of strategy to break up all of the fighting. Some people may prefer the game without that added brain-use, but that's all about personal preference. Given KOEI's track record, however, I'm sure an Empires version will be released in about 4 months.

All in all, the game is fun. It offers a lot of replay value if level grinding is your kind of thing (characters can level up to 99) or collecting and playing through with all of the characters appeals to you. If interested at all in the Warriors games, this would be the one to get.

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