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could be frustrating playing this game..

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) Sep 21, 2007

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This game could cause you to experience the love/hate experience over again-- because of its new and upgraded features you wanted to play more.. but because of the glitches/flaws.. you just want slam the controller :( The GOOD points- probably the same graphic quality(or maybe less), have more than 60+ playable characters from dynasty and samurai warriors series, you can choose a team of 3 officers for each stage( you can switch between the characters by pressing R1 or R2) 2nd player can join in as well but they will be using the same 3 officers that you choose (so it's possible to have 2 Zhao Yun doing doulbe musou!), new upgrade counter attack move and special move, new weapons attributes and attack upgradable system, more attributes(flash, flame, ice, bolt, etc..) which made battles more interesting, difficult level upgrade too( officers now block often, make it more challenging), and last..characters are now easily level up from experience and acquire all their attack moves much quickly.-The BAD points-- the mini-map feature is missing! For all my previous dynasty and samurai warriors games.. the mini-map is my mostly use function. Well, in this game.. it's no longer availble, which making it frustrating after running around in circle and still don't know where you are! It's harder in stages that have castle levels. It's even more frustrating when there are two players, since there are 2 green area and no mini-map so you still have no idea which one is you! (the strategy map doesn't help either) there's also a glitch in this game as well, in 2 players mode, when you active double musou, the enemy officers just dissappear (like teleportation) and then pop back again!! oh. and did i mention that your musou gauge will not fill up at all (for 1st player) when you are in 2 players mode?? there points that neither good nor bad. so I wouldn't even mention them. I like dynasty and samurai warriors games but removing the mini-map. just kill my interest for this game.

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Some More of the Old Stuff, Plus a Bit

posted by shadowmist (IRVINE, CA) Sep 22, 2007

Member since Mar 2005

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If you've ever played a Dynasty or Samurai Warriors game, you pretty much already know what you're getting here. Same old hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies, hunting down enemy officers while fulfilling objectives to aid your own. Nothing really new here.

The twist is that this doesn't take place during the Three Kingdoms Era, or the Sengoju Jidai. No, instead, we've got some weird amalgamation of the two caused by a powerful demon called Orochi.

If you can't tell already, the story is quite different from the past games. The music are remixes of old favorites, and the combo system remains much the same, but the character/bodyguard system has changed quite a bit. Instead of controlling one character, you control three. Kind of. You can switch between your three chosen characters with the touch of a button, allowing for some strange combos and emergency musou techniques. Bodyguards are pretty much nonexistent here, but kinda have their places taken by your two other characters. Unfortunately the other two aren't on screen if you're not using them, so you're pretty much on your own.

Overall, it's a pretty fun game. Though it may get repetitive after a while, it's still good fun while it lasts. Anyone who's never played a 'Warriors' game ('Musou' in Japan) will most likely enjoy this title. The only failing this game has is the lack of any real innovation from it's previous installments. Otherwise though, a good solid title.

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We will meet on the battle field again

posted by kiyandlore (NEWBURY PARK, CA) Jan 24, 2008

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This was one of the best games I have ever played I could not get enough and was not able to finish it and will play again.

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