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This is awesome!... I guess... Kind of...

posted by angryarmytony (FAIR OAKS, CA) Sep 30, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

This is a game a very few amount of people will hear about, and even fewer play this game which is disappointing because these games are great! I strongly suggest before playing this game, play the latest Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and both Orochi games before this game it will help you understand these characters more and feel for them. This game allows the you to use 3 characters at the same time and has over 120 playable characters which allows great replayability to find the best 3 you can get and each has their own special attacks and combos. Where this game fails in all of its goodness without English speakers most players will most likely skip through before and after dialogue. Also, this game adds additional characters from outside of its series however not doing much with them at least not as much as they could have. One of the biggest problems I had with this game is that you have to defeat a commander or 2 in order to pass through a gate which wont open until the battle log says it is opening which becomes very annoying. The ending (which I will not reveal) was not as epic or mind blowing I was hoping it would be. Despite its downfalls, I spent over 20 hours on this game and still have not started on the map maker yet. This game is a great game it could just use some polishing.

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Perfect Ommage for Warriors Fans

posted by JDracovia129 (MISHAWAKA, IN) May 21, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

For the common people who know about Koei's game play, they might think this as just an average hack n slash, which to them, is boring. BUT, if you really engage yourself into this game, this game is helluva good time.

The story is actually really good. Here's the gist without spoilers. Some time after Warriors Orochi 2, a giant Hydra comes out of nowhere, and starts killing everyone. Orochi's previous lackey, Kiyomori Taira, is also mind controlling some of the named (playable) officers, and add them to his ranks. There are three survivors, Hanbei Takenaka, Sima Zhao, and Ma Chao who decide a last ditch effort. They fail however, and are rescued by the time traveler Kaguya. Now they are traveling through time, undoing the spell of Kiyomori, and saving people who originally died.

The game play is the regular hack n slash that fans will love, but others will not. The game play is pressing X over and over, then the occasional Y. At VERY rare times you need the Musou attack, which is either crowd clearing, or owns a single enemy. This formula is somewhat changed with the 3 character teams. With 120 characters available, and 4 different types, there are tons of teams. These teammates can save you for when you're knocked back, you can switch with them to continue a combo, and they can do a collaboration attack. The 4 types are Technique, Speed, Power, and Wonder. Techniques can sidestep, Speed can double jump, Power can beast through attacks, and Wonder can break guards.

The music is also really good, with remixes of the original stages from the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games.

I mentioned that this game involved time traveling, but some people are just destined to die not matter what. Now the redux stages are the stages that allow that character to not get injured, and that causes them to join.

My only complaint is the peons are too weak, and the officers are too strong. 9.5/10

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posted by x8Infinite8x (DECATUR, GA) May 10, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

THIS GAME IS BEAST. The only thing missing is some kinda vs mode. Over 100 characters and each has their own original moveset my fav Yoshitsune Minamoto is the best and i have MANY more. You start out gettin smashed by the hydra then a mystic take you back in time to rescue and recruit lots of characters so much you wont get to use all in one gameplay-im serious. With thousands to mow down this game is the best for takin on numerous armies and ownin officers by the end of the game youll be smashin the hydra...and whats to come!

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