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Well I mean much better than the others

posted by popokata (PACIFIC PALISADES, CA) Apr 29, 2012

Member since Apr 2010

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If your a fan of Dynasty Warriors or anything hack n slash then stop reading this and rent it already. But if your NOT a fan of any of those things and have never played a Dynasty Warriors or anything hack n slash then keep reading. First thing you will notice is that this is the only KOEI game that got over 70 on Metacritic or by any game critic. Then if you see the back it will say 120 playable characters, and yes this is true. You will play as every character when you play the story mode, (which is insanely long) so if you like a lot of content you should have more interest in this title now. And again this is a KOEI title so if you hate hack n slashes then you should never look at this title again because this is A VERY HARDCORE ONE. Graphics are okay, not that great but acceptable. Then there are all of the modes, there is over 5 and can keep fans of this game occupied for many months. The AI are very stupid, (Like any other KOEI titles) and are very easy to kill. Now I feel like I have covered everything you need to know accept for this. This game includes characters from other franchises besides Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors it includes Ryu from Ninja Gaiden and also a girl from DOA. Fun fact, that is actually the reason why I rented it just to play as Ryu and this is also good to know, that he is the best character in the game BY FAR for me.
anyway this title gets a 7.5/10

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GF Rating

Very Good

A long grind, but one well worth it

posted by DaBeast_xGDx (PEORIA, AZ) Apr 12, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

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I can honestly say that out of the three Orochi games, 3 will most definitely be known as the best one. With over 120 characters to play as made up of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors characters, both transferred from DW7/SW3 and brought back from previous titles, you will be having quite a bit of fun. Also, for the first time, the game will feature characters from other Tecmo/Koei games such as Bladestorm, Warriors of Troy, and even Dead or Alive (yes the fighting game Dead or Alive). The story has more depth to it compared to the other two games and unlike the others, is not totally linear. There is some grinding in the game, but no where nearly as bad as WO2.

Like playing co-op? You can play with your friends, whether they are next to you on the couch or at their house online.

If you are a fan of either series, this game is a must have. There are months upon months of replay value. You will not regret purchasing this.

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If your a DW/SW fan, this is a must

posted by Beau9488 (NEW BEDFORD, MA) Apr 8, 2012

Member since Mar 2010

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Speaking as a die hard fan of Dynasty Warriors, and having played the PS2 Samurai Warriors games, I might go as far as to say this could be one of the best, funnest additions to the series.

The storyline takes a new crazy turn, time travel. It can get pretty confusing, and your going to be revisiting levels A LOT to recruit officers, but overall it's kind of interesting. Like the previous 2 Orochi games they do a good job of blending the characters together. There are still a couple challenge levels, mainly to just recruit hidden officers and cool cut-scenes. And with over 120 unique officers, most enhanced or brand new to the game, you can't go wrong. A few special appearances too, that's a first for these games. You are going to be putting a lot of hours in if you want them all!

Only thing more fun than killing 1000's of warriors is doing it with a friend in 2p co-op, which has online play. Split screen couch co-op is still there for the old school fans

The stages are crafted excellently, some of which were directly taken from the latest installments in the franchise. The music/sounds are good, after a while the grunts and music sort of just tunes out :b There is even "Musuo Mode" where you can customize the levels yourself, adding in pre written dialogue, officers, sound, and enemy variants.

As far as the negatives, there are no English voice-overs. It's not a huge deal, you just have to do a lot of reading and you might miss hearing objectives now and then. But Koei is usually good with that stuff so I wouldn't be surprised to see English dubs DLC in the future.

If you want my honest opinion, if you are brand new to this series (Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors), this is not the game to start with. Too confusing for new players and the Japanese voices can throw you off. But for true fans, this is a must play. I think it is well worth the $60, but if your skeptical about it than rent it. You won't regret it

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