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Some Nice Touches That Make it Rent Worthy

posted by RomanJorJor (ARGYLE, TX) Apr 11, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

I am not sure if my opinion is biased (since I am a classics major), but I will give my 2 cents anyways.

The game is able to tell the story of the Trojan War quite solidly and the game play is not bad. It is on par with your average Dynasty Warriors or other hack and slash type game. If you have played any other hack and slash game, you have played this game; however, the story and atmosphere is quite refreshing and makes the repetitiveness of the game quite tolerable.

The voice acting is not bad and the cinematics are actually really good. I saw that other people were noting that the pronunciations of some of the names were weird (e.g. Zeus, Odysseus, and others being pronounced odd). That is because the voice over is actually using the Ancient Greek pronunciations (Classics Major). I give the game extra kudos for doing that.

Overall, this game is worth the rent for the story alone and the game play is a nice add-on :).

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Low Budget Game, but True to the Mythos

posted by CrisPBacon (CARSON CITY, NV) Mar 24, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

6 out of 11 gamers (55%) found this review helpful

Graphics 5, Controls 5, Sound 5, Story 10, Overall Gameplay 6.5

There is no one piece of literature that tells the entire story of the Trojan War, in fact archaeologist estimate that we have less than 3% of ancient stories about the war. With this in mind, the developers did an amazing job compiling the story and developing gameplay around that story. In fact, this may be the most complete and accurate telling of the Trojan War I've ever seen in pop culture, although there are a few minor discrepancies. But, don't expect any grand cenimatics.

The game itself is weak. The graphics are below par and there is some frame rate issues at certain points. The godly boss fights are God Awful and more closely resemble "PS2" style. This is where the game falls flat and you see why Koei canceled the Xbox version and refused fill some pre-orders or even send out advance copies for review. This game is obviously a [failed] low budget production.

The sound is terrible and seems like they used just a few voice actors to play all the characters. However, the sound track is good and you can listen to from Extras menu. I've seen lots of movies and sat through hundreds of hours of lectures on the Trojan war and I've never once heard Zues pronounced as Zaius, like Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes. Dramatic license I guess.

The controls are limited, several of the buttons are unused or are simply useless. Targeting is broken and not very useful until boss fights.

Overall, I like the game and purchased it, however I must add that it's not worthy of a $60 price tag. I like to see how the story was developed, what changes were made and how true it stays to the mythos. People take for granted how extremely difficult it is to recreate the world of the Trojan War, this is probably why all modern movies and TV series about the war have been failures. In this sense, Koei nailed it, they nailed the story and for that reason I highly recommend playing the game.

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Next Frontier of Dynasty Warriors? Not Really.....

posted by Raidose (BELINGTON, WV) Apr 17, 2011

Member since Jun 2007

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Don't get me wrong, it's an okay game. But as it was introduced as the next Dynasty (or warriors, if you prefer) game, it had a standard it had to meet. While most would say that the franchise features little more than replays of the same war over and over and how the combat was beyond repetitive, fans will still agree that those standards exist.

While the ally A.I. has been made drastically smarter (I actually saw one kill a couple guys, and if you've ever player a Dynasty game you know how big a deal that is) and while they feel much more useful as they actually follow you (unlike the previous games where all but the player "officer" had a unit), the game stills falls a little short. Most of the time you only have one ally group, which makes this feel less like a warriors game and more like a mosterless version of Beo Wolfe. You know? With the hero and a squad of super tough soldiers against a boatload of enemies? Take that, now minus the "super tough" bit.

Without bigger maps, a bit of free roam, choosing your hero, and the free play function this game goes from next Dynasty game to the missing 300 game for the PS3. Which isn't bad, but not what was expected. A sequel is needed here and in it Koei should take some of the things from DW5 and stuff them in this game. Why 5? Cause I want my bodyguard back, thats why. I MISS MY ARCHER GUY!

But enough about that. The game is fair enough. The controls are a little clunky, the voice-overs are a bit off, the pronunciations are REALLY off (never heard Hades called Hydis before), doubtful on much replay value (haven't beat the game yet, so I'm still hopeful), you'll hit square A LOT, and sometimes you get in your own personal little war with the camera.

On the other hand it has good graphics, nice scenery, and a good story, especially if your a fan of the mythos. And the blood. Can't forget the blood. Hooray Mature Rating! Hooray Violence!

The Moral of this story? Good for renting (and violence =3), and thats it.

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