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Warriors: Legends of Troy


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posted by whalen94 (VIRDEN, IL) Jun 19, 2011

Member since Jun 2011


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it's ok

posted by Hatchetmen582 (MEADVILLE, PA) May 29, 2011

Member since May 2011

It's my favorite "mash the square button until all enemy's are dead" game, but you still have to do more than that if you want to be good at it. For me, some of the "duel's" are hard when you get 4 on basically 1 because you're partner sucks. Your so called army that follows you usually just ends up getting in the way. None-the-less it has a good story with impressive narrations and reletively fun gameplay. My biggest annoyance was the lock-on system. To lock on, you have to be facing your enemy, which can sometimes get you killed or critically wounded when you want to be running away and you can't see your enemy. This is the only game that i have put into my PS3 and not finished the campaign, mainly because i kept getting stuck on annoying places. Like how can a blind cyclops on his knee's be harder to kill than a cyclops standing up. This is probably just my lack of skill at the game but i was still getting extremely annoyed at the game at certain points. But when i wasn'y mad, it was a really great game, with a few set backs for me.

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What could have been...

posted by crc3353 (HANNIBAL, MO) May 28, 2011

Member since May 2011

I loved playing this game as a hero running around slashing and hacking my way through hordes of enemies, but as soon as it switches into the boss fights where you have to follow the button combos like some demented game of Simon Says, I lost interest. Shame, it really had potential..

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