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Wario World

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not a very good game

posted by jss1234 (LIBERTY, KY) Jul 6, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

I bought this game expecting it to be a fun game I was excited at the idea of there being a 3d Wario game but when I played the game I found my self very disappointed this is by far Nintendo's worse jump to 3d people complain abotu luigi's mansion being short but this game is so much shorter only 8 levels even old nes games have twice as much as that how pathetic the worlds we do have aren't even exciting the level design is bland the music irrating and annoying and the voice acting in this game makes Super Mario sunshines seem like perfection I strongly advise you not to press the pause button in this game that stupid laugh Wario does is extremely nerve breaking the game ain't even much of a challenge this game had so much potentional going on for it this game could've easily been as great if not greater then Super Mario sunshine or even the previous Wario games but believe don't buy this game thinking it's gonna be a great game it's not this game is the Yoshi's story of the gamecube generation it has all the same problems Yoshi's story had boring gameplay short annoying music everything this game is by far one of nintendo's lowest points and this game pretty much killed off any chances of ever seeing another 3d Wario game as all Wario games released since then have eiither been a warioware game or another 2d platformer even they aren't better either so everybody DON'T buy this game it is not worth the money skip it entirely if you want a console wario game either buy a warioware game or simply buy Wario land shake it for the wii that game did manage to redeem the franscise somewhat

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Wario's world ain't a big one

posted by MetalMario (PITTSFIELD, NH) Jan 13, 2011

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Member since Apr 2010

Part platformer and part brawler, "Wario World" is a fun little romp for as long as it lasts. But it's quite short (just eight regular levels that can be plowed through in little time), and ridiculously easy. There's absolutely no fear of death because, for a paltry few coins, you can opt to continue from the very spot where you dropped (like plunking another quarter into an old arcade game). And coins aren't exactly hard to come by; by the end of the game, I had over fifteen thousand of them.

"Wario World" is amusing enough, but its short length, low challenge level, and shallow gameplay don't do it any favors. Don't go into this expecting the challenge and complexity of a Mario adventure.

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Very Good


posted by BloodyHeck (HOLCOMB, KS) May 12, 2010

Member since Oct 2008

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a excellent mix of super nes, nes 64, GBA, and gamecube Wario game plan and even some stuff for GBA

I loved it

though there were some levels and gems that seemed near impossible to posses

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